Federal Holiday

It's a holiday in the USA. That means we lowly State workers also get the day off. I was unproductive — or was I?

I read blogs for hours. I still need to trim my list, but there were some good posts today. I exchanged a few emails with potential guests for Entertaining Stories. If it all pans out, there are some cool topics coming your way.

I also built a guest post to share with you tomorrow. I'll upload it before I start my commute.

My daughter and I had a great chat this morning. I always have something to do, but I never regret these opportunities. She's the only one of the kids that spends any real time with me, and that's probably because she lives here. Time is fleeting, and I'm not blowing her off to play with my imaginary friends.

I spent the rest of my time reading. I didn't finish, like I planned, but that's okay. This one is Maplecroft, by Cheri Priest. I'm really enjoying it, and facinated by the use of epistolary style. I've always wanted to try this, but don't know if I'm clever enough.

I'm sure I'll try epistolary style one day. I may need a bit more maturity as a writer to pull it off. I can see that some redundancy is a necessary evil. Each character learns the facts individually, so there is some repetition. To skip over that would ruin the style. It's kind of like using “I” and “me” in first person; it has to be done. I wonder if this style would work in one of my short stories?

While doing these other things, the clouds parted a bit around my novel. I don't have all the details worked out, but there is some clarity. My anti-hero is going to prevail at one point…but it has to be the heroine's fault. She has to torture herself and feel the loss before she can prevail.

I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off, but the distractions seem to be helping. Maybe I can convince my Muse to commute with me tomorrow. Maybe I should bake muffins.


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13 responses to “Federal Holiday

  1. Interesting story twist. Hope the muffins help.


  2. Hmm. I live in the U.S. and I had to work today. Oh well, I suppose not every employer recognizes Presidents’ Day as a paid holiday.


  3. It sounds like a very productive day. Muffins…


  4. Ha! Love the ending thought: “Maybe I should bake muffins”. It came out of nowhere. You’re too much, Craig. I really enjoy these musings of yours. And I absolutely love that you won’t blow your daughter off to play with your imaginary friends. What a good Daddy.


  5. I had to work too but on the plus side the train was not standing room only! I too love that you spend time with your daughter! You sir have your priorities absolutely right. 🙂


  6. Aww, you’re such a good Papa! 🙂


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