No Escape

Mari Wells is celebrating werewolf month again this year. She asked me for a story, and it’s live at her site today. Please check it out, and let me know what you think. Mari has a very interesting blog, so please consider following her while you’re there.

Mari Wells

Craig, my writing buddy is here with an awesome wicked werewolf story.
Happy Lupercalia!!!

Thanks, Craig for coming by and telling us a story.

No Escape
My cabin door opened in a burst of wind and rain. Mr. Trout slammed the door behind him. “A

mast has been spotted off the port side, Captain. They aren’t rigging any sail, and she’s bobbing

like she’s unmanned.”

“Did you try signaling her? This storm isn’t anything to pull sail over.”

“Yes, Sir. She doesn’t respond, and she isn’t a steamer.”

“Move us closer, but stay back. I’ll be out in a minute.” I pulled on my greatcoat and tucked my

revolver inside my belt. I stepped into the rain and climbed to the wheelhouse. The other ship

flew the tattered remains of the Union Jack.

We used a megaphone to hail her, but no one answered. When we moved closer, the decks

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7 responses to “No Escape

  1. Just left a comment over there and followed Mari’s blog. I really enjoyed the story!


  2. Excellent job! I was hooked to the very last word. Bravo!!!!


  3. Ohhh, creepy! 😀 I love that it took place at sea! Two thumbs, way up! 😀


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