What have we learned so far?

I recently invited guest bloggers to participate on my site. A bunch of you jumped on this, and it’s made for some interesting posts. Most of them turned into blog swaps, and it required me to taste my own medicine.

I’m a challenging host. I ask people to give us tips and tricks of the trade. No one person can know all of this, but we can all benefit by sharing. Everyone who expressed interest rose to the challenge. Not a whiner in the whole bunch.

We learned some great character based tips to keep a long series fresh, courtesy of Charles Yallowitz. I countered with character arch over a stand alone novel.

Sean Harrington discussed his artwork, and how computer graphics are the way to go. Who knew oil paints can sometimes take years to dry? (He provided the picture of Lisa down the page.)

Kylie Betzner gave us some good tips on weaving comedy into our stories. This is something all stories can benefit from, even if it isn’t the main focus. She must be good, she convinced me to download her new book, The Quest for the Holy Something or Other.

Whew, between Kylie and Charles I’m feeling spelling challenged. I’ve checked their names twice, and I still bet I get something wrong.

Mae Clair and I did a blog swap this week too. We both delved into the topic of research. She described a field trip to look into the haunts of The Mothman. Mine was about pre-research and creating a stream of information that comes to me. I also discussed my living documents over there. Also, do you know how many ways there are to spell Mae Clair?

Everyone was great about participating in the comments and re-blogging their posts. This helps us both reach a wider audience. I gained a few followers, and I hope they did too.

There’s more on the way, but it’s important to write my own blog from time to time. In a perfect world I’d like to host weekly, or even twice per month. It’s been hard to keep up with, but I accepted all takers. There is one scheduled next week too. We get to learn about collaborating with another author, so stay tuned for that.

I’d love to get someone in here to talk about romance. It doesn’t matter where your setting is, romance is possible. I’ll even let it go slightly into erotica, provided you tell us how to avoid writing “throbbing member”.

World building is another great topic, including how much is too much.

Maybe one of you would like to post about sin words from an editing point of view. Mine are “that” and “was”. Maybe yours are “very” and “just”. We can all benefit from this.

I’m open to other ideas too, and you are absolutely encouraged to plug your book baby. Lisa Burton is standing by.



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23 responses to “What have we learned so far?

  1. Throbbing member– too funny, Craig!


  2. Had a lot of fun. Didn’t realize ‘Charles’ was such a tough name though. 😉


  3. Cassidy Frazee

    I would love to discuss world building some time. That’s something I enjoy greatly.


  4. As always, Lisa is doing a great job setting all these blog exchanges up for you. You’ve got some really awesome topics planned. 🙂


  5. I had to laugh about the multiple ways to spell Mae Clair. It definitely could be tricky, LOL. I have enjoyed all of your guest authors and the topics they touched on. Looking forward to more…and your own entertaining blog posts, of course! 🙂


  6. If it’s a quick tip you want, I can do something on design for characters.


  7. moi

    Can I suggest one? Dialogue. I tend to write (very very) short stories and even there I think my dialogue is atrocious, everyone sounds the same and to me it all sounds false and well… a bit poo. HInts on dialogue would be splendid.


  8. moi

    Please alter my right typo to write… how embarrassing.


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