Kicked to the curb!

Tonight, The Walking Dead returns. Will I be watching that? Nooooo. Old What's Her Face* is uber excited about the Grammys. I will probably read more of your blogs, and look up once as AC/DC performs. My wife also has the red carpet show on ahead of time. I see Lady Gaga is still under Tony Bennett's enthralment. Oh, and Nicki MΓ©nage brought her boobs to the show. (Even if you aren't interested, they just suck you in.)

I washed and filled all my fountain pens today. I am ready for any note taking that strikes my brain. Three different inks, Noodler's Walnut (dark brown), Noodler's Army Air Corp (blue black), and Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin (black).

My work in progress has to change to accommodate a new supporting character. I think it will really add something to the story, and I'm about to return to writing it. It's caused me to to do some deep research again, but the story will now involve an amputated finger and some NOLA Hoodoo. (Yay!)

My Muse, Lorelei, has been after me about some short stories. I managed a micro fiction instead. I'd post it on my blog, but I'm toying with a book of short stories broken up by a page of micro fiction. I really don't want to work on short stories until I finish the first draft of my novel. Maybe this will help Lorelei focus on my novel for another month or so.

I also built some guest posts to publish on Tuesday and Thursday. I think you guys are going to like these, because they come with a lesson or two.

Next weekend, I may dedicate some time to getting Will O' the Wisp ready for prime time. This is the book I need to release in two versions, because of copyright permission over some song lyrics. It's time now, then I can check in with all the ARC readers. I targeted somewhere around the time Winter changes into Spring, and Winter is half over now. I need to keep my eye on the prize here.

My video recorder is set for The Walking Dead. I can catch up later. I have a growler full of good Porter to keep me company while my wife watches her show. I hope you guys all had a great weekend that was either fun or productive. (Hopefully a bit of both.)

So let's hear it. Are you into the Grammy's or The Walking Dead? Did you work on promotions, or write something new? Did you read something new, or practice your Hoodoo? How was your weekend?

* Not the name on my wife's birth certificate.


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26 responses to “Kicked to the curb!

  1. Yum. Good Porter? I am jealous… I feel for you on the Grammy thing, but at least you have record. Another reason for another growler of good Porter? πŸ˜‰


  2. “Are you into the Grammy’s or The Walking Dead?” Neither, to be honest.

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  3. We DVR most shows. I watched Downton Abbey live and recorded Walking Dead–my husband and I will watch it tonight. You’re not the only one with eclectic tastes. πŸ™‚

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  4. I ran through my last novel one more time, enhancing dialogue after reading, How To Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell. Excellent book. I definitely recommend it.


  5. We watched Downton Abbey, and then some of the Grammy’s. It was fine πŸ™‚

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  6. The Walking Dead all the way. I even gave up sleep to watch it – oh the horror! On the constructive front, I sent Maxwell’s Silver Bullet out to be read by a completely objective third party. Fingers crossed she likes it and also that she has some feedback on what is missing, ’cause something is damn it. πŸ˜€


  7. Grammys, no. Walking Dead, heck no! I made a book trailer and worked on my new novel.


  8. Sounds like you had a good time.
    I did some writing then it was back to practicing Hoodoo, that gave me an idea for more writing which required Voodoo. I cycled most weekend like that.


  9. You couldn’t go to another room and stream WD while wife watched the Grammys? I’m very curious to read about the next supporting character for The Playground! I can’t wait for you to release Will! How exciting! πŸ˜€


    • We abandoned the multiple set stuff since the kids are mostly gone. I watched it the next day off the recorder.

      I’m writing on multiple fronts these days. The projects are all moving forward, but it’s less comfortable for me.


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