Boise Saturday Night

Old What’s Her Face* and I went to the movies tonight. We had to choose between Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son. I’m a lover of both science fiction and fantasy, but my wife is not. She isn’t into science fiction at all.

The choice was for Seventh Son, and I was thrilled. This is a fun movie where the story structure remains intact. There were a few issues, but none of them yanked me out of the movie to any great degree. I can’t figure out why the townsfolk had to send for Jeff Bridges to burn the bear/witch they already had in a cage. There was also some camera shaking during the action sequences, but not enough to ruin the film for me.

I love the idea that the good vs. evil concept became somewhat grey in the middle. This makes it much harder for the hero to grasp the right choice. Struggle is good. They even managed to have the hero move forward without destroying the mentor. It was just a very good job.

Casting was an issue for me, but everyone did his/her job. Jeff Bridges talking like his mouth was full of shit the entire time did not enhance my enjoyment.

I’ve seen a few people ripping on Jupiter Ascending, and while I don’t always believe the critics, am happy to have chosen Seventh Son. Still, Jupiter Ascending looks like a very visual experience. I’m looking for box office results before moving forward on it.

Did any of you see either movie this weekend? What did you think of them?

We then proceeded to the Backstage Bistro at the Villiage in Meridian. All of the restaurants had and hour to ninety minute wait. BB got us right in. There were no sexy beer choices, but it was a workman like selection. The best thing was the special, called tongue and cheek. Yes, it really was beef tongue and cheek, slow roasted for hours and served over puréed butternut squash with hedgehog mushrooms.

This meal may turn some of you off, but I was raised around this kind of food, and it was heavenly. It may be one of the best meals I’ve ever had since moving to Idaho in 2001. For a place that serves as a watering hole before and after your movie, they really impressed me.

* The name has been changed to preserve my wife’s anonymity.



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14 responses to “Boise Saturday Night

  1. In generaly I’m not particularly a fan of either science fiction or fantasy, in either movies or books, or rather I always think I’m not, but I’ll often get pleasantly surprised, I can’t quite pin down what the difference is with ones that I like and ones I don’t, I just know it when I find it.

    My grandmother used to give me ox tongue sandwiches when I was a kid, just the kind you could buy sliced and packaged like ham, I really liked it and never thought about what it was.


    • It goes back to my idea that quality knows no specific genre. If it’s good, it’s good. I try to read across a broad spectrum, even though I have my favorites.

      We never had access to that kind of deli out west. We get la lingua street tacos though.

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  2. Thanks for your reactions to Seventh Son. I’ve been thinking about that one. But my town is having an International Film Festival this month, so I’m more likely to take in a Japanese fairy tale in the immediate term.


  3. I love the sci-fi that I love. I don’t do B movies.
    The dinner sounds MARVELOUS — my mouth is watering and I may need to get off here and cook somethin up!


  4. I haven’t seen either movie, and most likely will not, but I’m glad you and your wife had a fun night out!


  5. I have heard beef tongue is exceptional when cook right, but haven’t had opportunity to try it. I would. It’s just another muscle.

    Went out on the boat, didn’t see any movies. Didn’t catch any fish. RS caught a sheepshead and a little snapper. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.


    • Sometimes just being out there is good enough. That’s how most of my fishing trips go.

      Maybe you can try some la lingua ethnic food in your area to try tongue. Out here it’s Mexican food, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cubans have a fantastic version.

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  6. I want to see Seventh Son.
    I can’t handle the smell of Langua….It takes hours and hours to cook properly and I’m gagging the whole time…. Nope not happening.


  7. Last weekend, I wasted two and a half hours of my life that I’ll never get back watching Gone Girl. I figured it out in the first fifteen minutes, and couldn’t believe all the hype the critics made over it. I’m sorry, friend, but that Bistro sounds too gross to try. LOL! 🙂


    • Dinner was wonderful. Dad used to talk about an aunt of mine. “I could never eat something that came out of a cow’s mouth.”

      “Can I fix you something else then?”

      “I’ll just have a couple eggs.”


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