Evolving and trying new things

This is the first post I'm making with an app called Blogsy. Apparently it gives me some access to different fonts, but that part works for crap. I tried three or four, and Times New Roman was all I could change to. That part's a bit buggy. I'll try to find something more pleasing. How about Helvecta, no. Verdana looks nice.

I've noticed a new etiquet issue recently. I've always been on team follow back. This is probably going to change soon, because I can't keep up with everything I've subscribed to. The etiquet issue occurred on Twitter.

I'm getting all the instant replies on Twitter, and I can live with those. You probably know the ones, “Follow me on Facebook too.” Those I don't mind, it's a symptom of the world we live in. I've received two recently that really bug me. They're both the same and go something like this: “Would you like a free copy of my novel Awesome Story, in exchange for a review.”

As a matter of fact, I wouldn't like a copy of Awesome Story, and will go out of my way not to read it. Geez, at least buy me a drink or kiss me first. The first time, I responded with a thank you and explained that my TBR list was full. The Tweeter said if I would provide my email address he would graciously provide the book anyway. I disengaged.

Last month I was discovered on WordPress by the religious community. This doesn't offend me, I follow blogs from Wiccans, Catholics, Athiests, Jews, Druids, Buddists, Muslims, Mormons, and one Jehovah's Wittness who's a blast to read.

The point is that none of them preach at me. Talk about it on occasion, and I'm fine with that. Make it every post, and I may move on.

I follow people will illnesses, addictions, depression, and more. None of them blogs exclusively about that either. These are all creative people and that's what drew me in, and keeps me.

There is about to be a winnowing of the blogs I follow. I follow hundreds of blogs, and can't keep up with them all. I will test drive anyone, but don't feel obligated to stay with those who are one trick ponies. Maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot, but I can't actually read all of them.

I keep threatening to unfollow a bunch of poets, but can't bring myself to do it. They post the best graphics of anyone out there, and I like that. Maybe it isn't what they were going for, but I'm being honest here.

Back to Blogsy. I want to test how it handles links. The Cock of the South. Feel free to hit the link.

I also want to test how it handles pictures.

It's a little bit quirky, but I'll give it some time. I have no idea why it automatically changed pitch at this point, but these letters are definitely smaller.

Weigh in people. What do you think of automatic tweets that promote me before we even meet? Am I a sinner for unfollowing blogs that aren't holding my interest? Have any of you tried Blogsy, and are you happy with it?


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36 responses to “Evolving and trying new things

  1. I’m curious about what you mean by ‘discovered by the religious community’. I imagine them wandering into your house and go ‘we found someone! Get the flag to claim him!’

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  2. Impressed by the Blogsy post so far. Did you try the WP app? Like it better? As for unfollowing, I absolutely do it. People that post fifteen times a day, pushy, weird, etc…


    • Blogsy has potential. I loved BlogpadPro, but they decided not to update when ios8 came out. The WordPress app is marginal in my mind.

      I feel bad unfollowing, but it’s time. I could just act in secrecy, but I’ve always been up front with my readers. Maybe one of them can change my mind with good logic.

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  3. I hate Twitter auto replies, and I do not respond. In fact, if I get more than one from the same person, I’ll unfollow and block.
    My font is from some site that allows downloaded fonts. Helvecta, and Verdana look nice here — and both easier for me to read. Normally, you’re one of the blogs I need my readers for.
    I’ve unfollowed several blogs, and I’m still choosy about which I’ll read. I know some people must spend hours and hours a day with their WordPress Reader, but I DO NOT. If someone needs me to read his every post, I suppose he should be continuously interesting. I certainly don’t expect all my followers to read my every post, let alone like or comment on them all.
    Like you, I follow plenty of writers whose faiths are different, and like you, I appreciate the variation, but I’m not here for proselytizing.


  4. Nah, you’re not a sinner for unfollowing. Depending on the subject matter, I’ve unfollowed blogs that haven’t posted in several weeks to several months, and I’ve stopped following some blogs that have become very popular and get multiple reblogs every time they post, because I can just click on a reblog to visit. This way, I keep my follow list between 96 and 101, because that’s all I can handle, and it gives my Reader room for adding new talent.


  5. What a timely post. Just a week or so ago I unfollowed some blogs because I never seem to read the posts. I’m not on Twitter so I don’t have to deal with that; good thing I guess, I don’t have the patience. I can’t see the difference Blogsy makes right now because I’m reading via Smartphone so it looks the same to me. I’ll try to check it out on the computer though when I get a chance.


  6. I kind of hate the auto follow thing. I barely have time to keep up on the things I have going much less if I start following everyone. I am cutting back on my follows (here especially, I’m able to deal with a lot of the twitter noise by using lists). I’ll check out people who interact, folks I find interesting, but there is absolutely no quality to my interaction of I follow everyone.

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  7. That first paragraph was a bit weird on the eyes, but then it got okay.

    I hardly ever check my reader. I have so many books to read, I couldn’t possibly check my reader every day. If I find an interesting blog and comment and the blog owner actually engages with me, I’m likely to add them to my email…at least for a while. If all they do is reblog or post five times a day, I’m likely to leave them in my reader but take them out of email. I have an email folder that’s just for my blog. I get about a hundred a day. I like original content that’s limited to about 1500 words. More than that and my mind begins to wander. I click through most reblogs and will take folk out of email that post extremely long posts or giant paragraphs with no white space….like this one. Ha!

    Twitter. I’m signed up there, have followers and will follow most people that follow me. I’m not very active there though. In fact, I don’t think I’ve looked at my Twitter page this year.

    Faith. I’m fine with it unless people start preaching or trying to save my soul. When I first published and had my first promo with ENT, people emailed me to see if I would be willing to come and speak at their church groups. I guess everyone takes away from it what they will. It was in no way faith based writing. I was right down the middle of some serious issues with my writing so people could make up their own minds. Some people even criticized me for not taking a stand one way or the other.

    I follow you just to see what creative wallpaper you’re going to come up with each month 🙂


    • The pressure is on for my next wallpaper.

      It’s interesting learning how the other folks deal with the firehose of data we get every day. I’ve considered using lists, but haven’t dabbled with it yet.

      I’m absolutely down with engagement. When someone is engaging and interesting, I become much more loyal.

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  8. Follow, unfollow, it’s a mine field and the problem is one simply doesn’t have time to read everyone’s posts, especially not if you follow 100s of blogs. It stops you doing what you originally intended -writing! I have a few favourites that I read religiously 😉 and then a few sporadically. I wish I had time to read more. It then begs the question though, why do I follow a blog/twitter/facebook whatever if I simply don’t have the time, it’s an empty gesture despite my intentions being good. Well that’s my two penneth worth.

    I’m reading Cock Of The South at the moment and enjoying it although I do wonder if Cobby has any idea where he’s going or what he’s up to 😀


    • That’s where I am today. I just don’t have time for everyone. I also have my favorites that I never miss.

      It takes Cobby a bit of time to figure everything out. I wanted him to second guess and doubt some things. Glad you’re enjoying it.

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  9. I despise auto messages on Twitter and don’t respond to any of them. Of all social media sites, Twitter is my favorite–perhaps why I dislike the auto thing so much.

    Blogs….I follow several dozen, but only visit a handful regularly. Between working full time and writing, it’s so hard to keep up with everyone. I keep saying “when I retire!” Yeah, someday…


    • I always try to keep up with the ones that interact. I also follow some of the bigger blogs, because they are interesting. I think my test drive method might be what I need to keep it reasonable.


  10. I can’t stand the “Buy my book” message. It feels like they’re ordering me to do it and that’s a total turn off. My inner sixteen year old kicks in and I immediately think, “Now I’ll never read your book.” I have an automated message that just says, “Do you want to trade FB likes?” And that’s it. Overall I find it very effective. Most everyone says yes, if they’re on FB. Otherwise I get a nice response that says they’re not on FB, and then we have a nice chat. I’ve never heard of Blogsy but am interested in hearing how it works for you.


    • Oh, I thought of another one that the younger crowd uses. “Please turn on notifications and turn off RTs. And I’ll do the same.” I have no idea what it means! Also “Read my blog.” Come on! Now you’ve got me started on a rant.


    • Some of the auto responses are fine. It was just pushy to get asked to review a book on an auto response from a complete stranger.

      I’ll have to play with Blogsy for a bit. It’s a posting tool only, but has a browser to help with links and such. Blogpad actually allowed me to handle comments, before it croaked. I’d like to find a better comment system.

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  11. On winnowing your blogs (and I think we all get there at some point) perhaps you could change the frequency to receive weekly digests rather than daily or every post as it appears. Also, if you have to unfollow people, just do it — no ranting about how they’ve started to repeat themselves, etc. (You wouldn’t do that, I know.)

    I love your book cover and the way the cockatrice pops out with its colors against the background. Will let you know if I have any problems accessing the file.


  12. Automatic tweets make me CRAZY. I don’t usually unfollow people on Twitter, since I’m not on there enough to care much about who’s posting what, but I have unfollowed a couple of people who are all about mechanized self-promotion.

    I usually only unfollow blogs if I find them persistently offensive or overly self-promoting. The ones that aren’t always interesting, I usually just skim past in the reader. But I’m one of those mean people who doesn’t follow back everyone. I only follow blogs that I find useful or entertaining.


  13. Ali Isaac

    Well I am struggling to keep up with all the blogs I follow, which is why I am still up at 12:55 am! Reading blogs that I couldnt keep on top of today cos I just didnt have the time! I feel guilty if I see someone has liked one of my posts and I realise I havent been over to theirs recently. But I just cant… keep my… eyes… open…zzzzzzzzzz…


  14. First of all, I clicked the link ,and it opened Amazon in a new page/tab… nice! I was glad it didn’t take me off your blog. I definitely liked the Verdana font better. It was much easier to read. No, I haven’t tried Blogsy yet. As for Twitter, I’ve unfollowed and blocked a few people for that same reason. There seem to be a lot of spammers on there. I’ve had to unfollow a few bloggers who suddenly started to post porn or such anti-government stuff, I was afraid they were terrorists. But for the most part, the blogging community is very enjoyable. (That said, I hope I make the cut to stay on your keep list!) 🙂


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