My own trip to The Twilight Zone

It’s just after midnight here in Idaho. My wife went to bed an hour ago, but I stayed up watching my new/old Twilight Zone disks. I just finished the first book of five books, each containing five disks. There are many episodes on each disk.

The last two episodes just blew my mind. Keep in mind these are really old episodes, and even the opening credits hadn’t evolved into the classic one, and the music hadn’t either. I’ve watched many episodes over the last fifty years, but they were the more famous ones. The one where the gremlin is tearing apart the plane comes to mind.

I’ve never seen these episodes in my life.

The first one is called The Mighty Casey. It stars Jack Warden, who was also marooned with a robot girl in an earlier episode. This time he’s managing a broken down baseball team when a scientist shows up with a robotic pitcher. Everything goes too well, until they get caught. Then the question of what it means to be a human comes up.

That was a central theme in Wild Concept, and my character Lisa Burton. It blew my mind. They say there are no new stories, and it looks like they’re right.

Then it got really weird. The next episode was A World of His Own, with Keenan Wynn. This one involves a writer who brings his characters to life and interacts with them. His wife gets jealous of his imaginary girlfriend, until it’s revealed that he wrote his wife too. Rod Serling shows up to give it the standard TZ ending, but Serling was created by Wynn too.

Wynn gathers up all the audio tapes from when he created them and burns them. The characters all disappear, including Rod Serling.

This sounds a whole lot like my Muse category and Writing Cabin tales. Naw, I don’t use audio tape…

I swear I’ve never seen these episodes in my life. Hit the creepy Twilight Zone music.

Im going to ask Lorelei* if she ever worked with a guy named Rod Serling the next time I see her.

It’s bedtime now, but I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much.

*Lorelei is my Muse



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15 responses to “My own trip to The Twilight Zone

  1. Sounds like you got your mojo back!


  2. Do, do, do, do… Do, do, do, do….

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  3. We saw those episodes fairly recently. My husband and I sometimes watch TZ on Netflix, and we decided to start from the beginning. We’ve seen many episodes we’ve never seen before.


  4. Those do sound good. Nothing against William Shatner, but Serling did a whole lot more than the one episode. I remember one where a beautiful young women is pursued through a department store by mannequins. Turns out she’s a mannequin, and this day was her “turn” to be human. Now the other mannequins want their turn, too.


  5. Now I have to get these dagnabit! Like I don’t have enough to read, write, or watch! Thanks a LOT Craig! 😄


  6. Those are both excellent. I especially love A World of His Own. I often think of you and Lisa when I see The Lateness of the Hour… Have you seen that one yet? Or ever? How cool that your post-premonition came true before you created it! 😀


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