Saturday Update

I had today earmarked as a big writing day. My work week was exhausting, and I needed to make a choice. I’ve learned through bitter experience that a week of hell does not lead to creativity.

It’s important to push through when we write. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to go on, even after we’ve reached a great word count. I’ve done this many times with success.

I just can’t do it after the kind of week I had. This is the one situation where I need to take a little Craig time and do something else. Last night I watched a few more episodes of Twilight Zone before heading to bed. I never even did my usual Friday blog post. I had a rare Thursday post, so I figured I was good to go.

A large part of my morning was spent reading your blogs. I left a few calling cards and made a few comments. I even reblogged one post I thought was outstanding.

The bulk of the time was spent on an alpha/beta read for a friend. These are slow going, and should be. I need to make decent notes for her without turning it into a pleasure read. It’s tough with this story, because it’s good enough to make me want to keep reading.

I was surprised to find similarities in this book and my own work in progress. I hope I handle that situation as well as this author.

Old What’s Her Face* and I are going to dinner tonight. The reading project was a nice reboot, of sorts. It put me back in the mindset to get back to work on The Playground.

I have some obligations tomorrow, but I’m sure I can wrangle an hour or two of writing. I’ve done some research on NOLA using Google Earth and have settings for my mid game. I never intended to use the Marie Laveau cemetery, but it’s only a couple of blocks away from the other site. I need a cemetery, and there is no other logical choice. I hope it doesn’t come across as tropish to use this location.

So there you have it. I was a vegetable today. I didn’t even bake bread. I hope everyone else was more productive.

* Not my wife’s birth name



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25 responses to “Saturday Update

  1. Other than my blog I wasn’t very productive today. Tomorrow is a new day–onward!


  2. Not a productive day here, but I’m doing a break for a week or two. Don’t want to tackle the next book until after the Super Bowl and an exciting visit. Sometimes a vegetable day is just want an author needs for a surge of creativity.


  3. I always refer to my spouse as my Trophy Husband, so Old What’s Her Face had me literally laughing out loud. On a serious note, I found if I set my alarm and give myself two hours uninterrupted, I can write no matter what my frame of mind or energy level. I work nights so I write 10am-Noon every day. Some days are more productive than others.


  4. So much of NOLA has been written, you can hardly pick a place there that hasn’t been in some book at some time. It’s an interesting place to read about though. I think it will be fine. Besides, it’s your take. I edited a short story today. Played around on FB…not much going on. Couldn’t go boating because of wind and rain 😦


  5. You gotta take time out Craig! You need to if you want to keep those creative juices flowing!


  6. Everyone needs a day or two to recharge. I always think I do better work when I have time to kind of let ideas percolate in my brain–well, that and a deadline. 🙂


  7. Been there. Some days, one paragraph is all you can manage.

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  8. Middles are the worst for me…big black holes to fill in order to reach the end


  9. When Mrs. What’s Her Face is at her job, I wonder what name she calls you? 😉 So which Twilight Zone are you up to now? As you watch then, are you remembering all of them from when you’ve seen them before?


    • I can’t print what my wife calls me. The classic TZ episodes stuck with me over the years. I either don’t remember many, or never saw them. I watched one where John Caradine kept the devil in a castle and a guy let him loose. I also watched th one where Ellie May was wrapped in bandages hoping plastic surgery would fix her.

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      • Yeah, those are good, too. For some reason, we always watch TZ when we paint rooms… so for the last 6 houses, 7 or 8 rooms per house, I know these all by heart. 🙂 I don’t like the hour long ones as much… I think they would have been good at 40 minutes, but that extra 12 minutes just makes them a bit boring.


      • I’m slowing down on them. My wife is watching American Idol this year. I have some quality time this weekend, but need to deal with my other projects too.

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      • Well, now that you own the TZ’s, they will always be there. Write when you can and TZ when you need to rest. 🙂

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