Was Grandma right?

I write science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal stories. In my mind, they’re related, but are a bit different.

I write my novels, this blog, the occasional micro fiction, and am probably going to attempt a few short stories.

The blog covers a pretty broad spectrum of topics. Cooking, foraging, writing, reading, plus the writing cabin stories under the Muse category.

When I read, I like online articles, comic books, your blogs, and more. Novels I read are pretty broad based. I read the kind of stories I write, but I love a good detective story, courtroom drama, historical fiction, horror, westerns, biographies, and more.

So am I becoming a jack of all trades, and master of none? I am more than the blogger and writer you see here, but I share. Thus the stories about sourdough, gathering morels, growing peaches, going out with my wife.

I don’t think that makes me so different, but what about my writing? Am I covering too many bases? I understand I don’t have to change a thing, but would I be more successful if I focused more? What if I focused on novels, and blogging about novels?

Just kidding! I’m going to keep doing what I enjoy. One thing I refuse to let go of is my personal enjoyment of this. Chances of getting rich here are slim at best. Chances of having a good time are excellent. I’m having a great time.

My grandmother used to say I bounced around like a fart in a skillet. Maybe she was right, but I’m enjoying myself.


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27 responses to “Was Grandma right?

  1. Good! Don’t change. And your grandma must have been a hoot! I am going to have to steal the fart on the skillet..


  2. That’s a saying I need to remember. Know a lot of people that are Jacks instead of masters. Fun to talk to.


  3. *snort* Being “focused” is just a euphemism some folks use to hide that they don’t have a life. I should know: I love writing, and I’m glad I can still do it, but writing novels and blogging about it is the only life I’ve got, now. I’m “focused” by default, and it hasn’t made me one bit “more successful.” (But I have been effective once or twice, I think.)

    I’m glad you’re having a good time being unfocused. That means a lot to the quality of life for your readership: Life that’s a bit on the fuzzy side is more interesting to live and to observe.

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  4. Grandmas are always right. Except when they’re not.


  5. Ali Isaac

    What a great saying! Your grandma sounds like fun! No need to pigeonhole yourself, Craig. I’d say keep on doing what you’re doing. That’s why we followed you. Besides, there are a ton of blogs out there dishing out writing advice… they’re all so samey, no one says anything new or interesting any more and the last thing we need is another one! You write for your readers, not specifically for other writers. I think that’s important. It doesnt mean you’re not focussed. Consistently building your writing career and blog shows that you are indeed very focussed!


  6. The main thing over anything else is to enjoy yourself! If you don’t have a love for what you do, even if it is many things, then there is just no point 🙂


  7. You keep doing what you are doing! You come across as a happy writer who loves his work. You also show your personality and lifestyle, which I think is a curiosity to others and an inspiration.

    I know two authors who have huge blogs (25,000-50,000+ followers) and blog only about writing, marketing, publishing and the like. They are good at disseminating information and their blog content is exclusive to writing. Yet we know very little about who they are and they come across as rather plastic experts. After doing some research on them, I discovered that one has one published fiction book, and the other has one fiction book and one book on writing. Neither are what you would likely call super successful authors with best sellers. Yet they both blog advice exclusively. While I can appreciate their points of view, I can’t take what they have to say as any more worthy than what you or any other author might have to say. (With the exception that they do tend to share researched info.)

    Professionalism. I wonder about this myself. Is my content always professional? Do I come across as a serious writer? I know a few successful author who do nothing more with their blogs than promote their own work. Screaming, “Look at me and what I’ve done.” I won’t even read their work. They may be good writers, but they aren’t real people to me. I also know a few who blog author interviews and have guest posts and have very professional looking blogs with their many books in a headliner across their blog displaying the many books they have produced. They NEVER post any original content. I was at first intrigued and captured by their “professionalism”. I read a few of their books. Over time, I realized that their platforms were pretty self-serving, not really engaging. They never commented except brief little, “yes, no” and “Thank you for your comments.” There was no exchange of ideas, no real exchange of information about themselves. You never really learned anything much about them as people…just cardboard figures. They are still in my reader and I’ll catch something of note now and again, but I don’t have them in email and have little interest in what they have to say.

    🙂 Just keep doing what comes natural to you. You’re doing great! I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂


    • Nice to hear. I find myself engaging with the people behind the writing. I like to know who they are, and where their ideas come from.

      It’s nice to learn about a promotion that worked, and which ones didn’t. I like writing tips too, but it’s the real life stories that keep me following.

      Some days I wonder how those 25K to 50K followers would translate into actual book sales though.

      Writing and blogging are leisure activities for me. If I could make a living at it, I’d probably take myself more seriously. Leisure time has to be fun, or it stops being leisure and becomes work.

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  8. Your grandma was a riot! Mine would have dropped dead if she ever had to say the word fart. LOL! I’m glad you’re keeping things status quo… as MY grandma used to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 🙂


  9. I do the same. “Too many irons in the fire.” Pshaw, as if.


  10. How did I miss this one? Yes, I’m still goofing off today. 😀


  11. Kari

    That is one of my favorite saying AND it usually refers to me! 🙂 I am enjoying the blogs.


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