A day, in which I don’t like things

If you aren’t into tantrums, here’s your opportunity to skip this post. We will still be friends.

I am not a patient guy, but I try. One of the things I do is give things time before making a judgment. I still have to force myself, but I’m improving.

After much deliberation, and a reasonable amount of time, I don’t like the new and improved WordPress.

I still think it’s the best blogging platform out there, but they’ve certainly made it less user friendly for those who blog. Here are my examples:

  • I can’t stand the new and improved stats display. It looks like bad chibi anime to me. I vote every single time I check stats, but apparently it was to placate serious users with no real value behind it. I’ve been clicking to display the old stats page, but now they forced me to swipe through all the new displays to the bottom before I can see any stats that make sense. It has the feeling of a close out sale. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone.”
  • I am pretty disappointed that I can no longer open a page of my comments, likes, and follows. I am getting a lot of action these days, and the scroll thingie doesn’t work all that well. I would be mortified if I couldn’t acknowledge someone’s comment, and am afraid I might have missed one or two.
  • None of the changes work well with iOS. I’m sure there aren’t many Apple fans out there, so why bother. (Rolls eyes.) When I try to respond to a comment, the display actually jerks around, and I wind up hitting the wrong button half the time. The send button isn’t reliable when I do manage to hit it.
  • I know it’s old now, but I don’t like the new post “beep beep boop” version either. I always click through to the older one, but wonder how long that will remain. Even it doesn’t like iOS very well. I write most of my posts in Pages these days, and paste them into the new post.
  • I want the link option to work every single time. Two thirds of the time, when I highlight a section, the link option greys out. I have to choose a different word to highlight until the link option is available. ( Three or four times, minimum.) Only then can I make the link I originally wanted.
  • I want the ability to include a picture when using my iPhone. I usually write these on my iPad, but sometimes it isn’t available. The entire iPhone version is frustrating.

I feel like a hacker whenever I use WordPress these days. Nearly everything is becoming a work around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going anywhere, but I feel like WordPress developers ought to actually use the software on various platforms before they release it to the masses.

I loved BlogPad Pro, but they decided not to update it when iOS 8 came out. It has a bug now that allows me to type faster than it can think. I’m not a fast typist.

Do any of you know of a reliable app that does WordPress better than WordPress?


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37 responses to “A day, in which I don’t like things

  1. I’m still able to get to the old posting format by going through the dashboard, but I don’t know if that works with an iOS. I fully agree with you on the second complaint. I hate it and was really hoping it would be optional like the other stuff. Especially since I can’t always tell what’s new and what I looked at. The colors aren’t that different. White and faint blue?


  2. I am using the iphone WP app and it is not bad. Much more user friendly than the computer version nowadays, I think.


  3. I rarely use the iPhone or iPad for WordPress. I’m a laptop kind of a guy. So I really can’t comment on your iPad/iPhone related concerns.

    Still, I’m with you on the “new and improved” stats view (which is the default stats view; you need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the “new” stats page to get to a link that takes you to the old stat page). I hated the “Beep Beep Boop” posting thing, but fortunately I use the old style available on the dashboard.

    I was surprised when my notifications “archive” page disappeared, and I don’t really understand why they changed it, but the new way is at least “workable,” in my opinion.

    I still question whether or not the gurus at WordPress do any real user testing before they introduce these so-called improvements.


  4. YES! I completely agree with every one of your points. (I guess I’m the other Apple user…)

    But I reserve special loathing for the beep-beep-boop bit. Once, when my kids were small, I accidentally went to a tupperware party hosted by the Junior League set. (Hey, I had three kids under age five: don’t judge me.) Anyway, things were going fine. I’d even worn a headband, and ponied up the price of friendship with a new order of sippy cups. I thought I was home free. That’s when my hostess (who never spoke to me again, even when my sippy cup order arrived) announced we were going to play a game that involved jumping up, sucking in cheeks and lips like constipation was an urgent personal issue, and yelling “Boop-boop-a-doop!” I got up, yelling “Oh, hell no!”, and dashed for the door, grabbing my kids as I went and muttering about an important thing I just remembered I had to do right now. As I left, everyone was staring at me like I had just broken several of the better commandments AND voted Democrat.

    Now, every time I see that inane beep-beep-boop, I just want to scream *Keep your damn sippy cups, Stepford bitches*. I’m a grown woman and if I wanted cute, I’d make a tumblr full of kitten gifs and Katy Perry songs.

    But I’m not bitter or anything…

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  5. Under the 15-day stats graph on the Dashboard, there’s a “View All” button that takes me right to the old stats page. But it still annoys me to see their dumb “have you tried” question and dumber “show me” button. They need a button that says, “yes, and it STINKS.”


  6. I agree, I much prefer the old stats page, and the old dashboard, and those are what I use, but like you say, how long are they going to be around? I tend to only post from a laptop so I don’t know about those other issues. There is often a sense that they bring changes in for the sake of it rather than to meet an actual need.


  7. The new stats page would be okay for me if it was double column, but otherwise I vastly prefer the old stat pages.

    I actually like the new editor though but I can’t use it. The one feature I use a ton, the copy post button isn’t there in the new editor (as far as I can tell). But the scheduler in the new one is vastly improved and for social media sharing you can now add custom text to the link before it goes out on Twitter, G+ and what not. Very nifty features. So now I have this weird thing where I will write a new post in the old editor and then go to the new editor to adjust the social media stuff. Not ideal.

    Otherwise, yeah these new “improvements” don’t seem to serve a real purpose other than change. I would much rather they add some features to the old stuff. But Automattic do what they do, I guess.


  8. I can’t stand the “beep beep boop” version. I always go back to the earlier format. Why they change things that are actually working is beyond me. I’m with you here!


  9. I agree with Sue. There was so much that was good about WordPress and now they are “improving” it. Truly sucks.


    • It’s also impossible to figure out if I responded to a comment using the bell thingie. It only opens reader comments, but not whether I took any action. I have to go the the post, and look down the comments, and there is no option to respond there any longer.


  10. I haven’t had a lot of problems with it, but I use my computer or Surface Pro to compose posts. I use my iPad to reply to comments. At first I completely loathed the beep beep boop thing, but now I’ve gotten used to it. I don’t check my stats very often (I really should do that more) so can’t really comment on that. I think I might check into it now.


  11. I also have great frustration with the latest versions of WordPress. It’s terribly slow on my system.

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  12. AMEN! You forgot the part where the new way it makes you view unseen comments only allows you to see today’s and yesterday’s. So if you took off for the weekend, and someone commented on Friday night, you’ll never get notification. Additionally, the new comment notification makes you click BACK every time after you reply, so you’re hitting twice as many buttons to get half as far. I’ve had numerous people (who normally always reply to me) not reply to comments I’ve made, and I’m sure it’s because they don’t know they are there, and I’m afraid I may have also missed some along the way. The stats page SUCKS, and I’m right there with you on the stupidity of the survey that asks me repeatedly why I don’t like it, yet they fail to listen to my answer or allow me to accept an alternative. That being said, I’m glad you’re not going anywhere despite this mess.


  13. Agreed! I too have yet to find a solution. I am considering defecting to Blogspot but I haven’t decided yet x

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  14. Ali Isaac

    Right there with you! Cant stand the beep beep boop! Always post using the old format. Stats page isnt bothering me. Comments archive is an issue though…


  15. Ive just never updated my dashboard so i work entirely in the old one. Heaven help me if the new app like version becomes default. It is dire.


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