A Saturday Update

I managed a little writing time this morning. I didn’t get the word count I’m accustomed to, but it was good stuff. It included fairies and teeth getting knocked out. I’ve absolutely reached that Act II slog I hit every time. It’s time for all the characters to move and get closer to each other. This means research to make sure the new city is represented properly. Other writers will probably relate.

I built a loaf of sourdough bread around noon. This stuff raises slowly, and it’s best not to rush it. The sour comes across better with a slow rise. I laced this one with rosemary and olive oil, and it ought to be pretty good. Tituba, my sourdough starter awoke with a vengeance this year. Some years she’s slow, some years she’s fast. She nearly climbed out of her crock on Tuesday. I decided I’d better bake with her, before there was trouble.

Old What’s Her Face* and I went to Whole Foods for some upscale goodies, then went to dinner. We wound up in a pub environment called The Tilted Kilt. We’ve been there before, and both like it. Me for the beer and cute waitresses. My wife for the great food they offer. It’s also cheaper than many other places, and close to Whole Foods. It’s near the BSU campus, which is probably the source of the waitstaff. It was a slow night, and we almost had the place to ourselves. Good for us, not so good for business. They have a Scottish Ale, I particularly like, so I had two.

Now it’s time to finish up with Harry Dresden. I want to find out about Mouse, the dog’s, secret. After that I may return to The Twilight Zone.

I may wrangle some writing time tomorrow, but I also have to call my parents. I have research to get to as well. Then I need to start a beta reading project for a friend.

How was your Saturday?

*Not my wife’s actual name.



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30 responses to “A Saturday Update

  1. I got into breadmaking for a very brief period in time — coinciding with my mother’s purchasing of a breadmaker. I discovered that it was far easier to buy said bread from the bakery. Then again, my go-to meal is grocery store pre-made salad, so maybe that’s part of the reason, lol.

    In my own Saturday-ing, I woke at 11, went to the gym, waffled around on the internet, took a shower at (gasp!) 8:15 pm, and am now whiling away the time until my friend’s band performs at 11:30 pm. Being a band groupie is tiring business.

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    • Sounds like fun though. Bread making is almost a zen process. You have to do things right or it won’t turn out.


      • To make a semi-related comment, I did learn that lesson from cookie making. I kept using the same recipe and coming up with wildly different end results, until I discovered that the “butter” called for in the recipe couldn’t be any old butter — it had to be melted just enough to be soft, but no more liquid than that. I’m not sure how zen it was, but there was definitely a huge sense of accomplishment when my cookies turned out looking like actual cookies.

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  2. Great, thanks. I spent all day thinking up questions for the undercover operative, Mr. Big. Tomorrow I’ll be doing nothing but reading and writing all day. Yay!


  3. I can’t bake even if my life depends on it. So very cool that you can make something so complicated. As far as the writing, I seen to always stumble at multiples of 3. Chapter 3, Book 3, etc. Never figured out what that was about, but it might have to do with that’s where I tend to put the push plot push or a big character evolution that requires being meticulous.

    Saturday was morning errands with the family, chores, some computer stuff while wife & kid were out, and then dinner. Watching ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ once the kid is down for the night. Which reminds me that I should check to see what’s going on there. I have an odd sense that he outlasted the wife again.


  4. I was hoping for Tituba pictures. I feel like she sort of introduced us. My grandmother never called her dough sourdough, but she made biscuits every day and always left a a handful in the breadboard to start bread the next day. Her biscuits tasted like no others. I could eat a half dozen and still want more.

    I surfed the net all day. We’ll call it research. The RS was out cutting branches off a giant loquat tree. They were getting in the way of pulling the boat in and out of it’s spot in the side yard. He was afraid they would tear up the T-top. Two trips to the dump and almost 800 pounds of branches. That included a couple of camellias he took down that I didn’t know were going. Not real happy about that, but not a lot I can do about it now, huh?


  5. The Tilted Kilt sounds like fun! Then again, Tituba’s sourdough bread sounds yummy as well! (Photos, please?) Sounds like some homemade butter would be delicious on that as well. I hope the faeries’ teeth weren’t the ones knocked out! I can’t wait to see what happens when Gina and Clovis meet! How are your parents? Will they be visiting again soon?


  6. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like a good day! I actually got some writing done too… finished the first draft of an Irish myth love story for a special project I’m working on.

    Me… writing a love story! And its a short. Whoever thought that would happen?!!

    The Tilted Kilt… haggis? Tattie and neeps?


    • I’ve been dwelling on my African vignette. I may wind up writing a love story myself some day. Or I could make it into a tragedy.

      The place is just a pub with the Scottish theme. That kind of food wouldn’t be odd in Idaho. Many native people’s, and the Basque community eat some strange things too. I love the Basque food though, and have tried it all.

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      • Ali Isaac

        Knowing you, it wont be a love story in the traditional sense! I look forward to reading it!

        I imagine you are quite adventurous in what you will taste. I draw the line at bugs for example. I’ve never got over myself to try frogs legs or snails. I dont really know Basque food, but if its anytbing like tapas, I’m in!


      • Snails are better than frogs legs. I’m pretty adventurous.

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  7. Dresden rocks! Love Mouse! I’ve toyed with bread ala Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, usually as pizza crust or pitas. The kids love the pitas, and the pizza crust is great! Haven’t ventured into sourdough; I can grow plants as long as they live outside, but I can’t nurture a sourdough starter; I kill it every time. Not sure what that says about my green thumb…


    • Mouse sounds a whole lot like a Tibetan Mastiff. Would be a cool dog, but priced out of my range.

      The whole sourdough thing involves lots of experimentation and learning. The best way to go is making a batter of flour and water and setting it in the open air. Expect a failure or two. (Mold) once you catch some wild yeast the batter will start bubbling. Then it’s time to place it in a crock with a lid.


  8. Sounds like you had a good day. Dresden is on my bookshelf to read, but I haven’t started it yet. Saturday, I squeezed in several hours on a writing project I’m doing for a friend who is launching a business.Today (Sunday) I’m tackling my own WIP. Hoping it’s productive.

    And, hey, I’m jealous you’ve got a Whole Foods nearby. Still waiting for one of those to hit my area!


  9. I realized it’s only two weeks until the expected release of Masters of Air & Fire, and spent the afternoon working on a book trailer. Plus housework, of course.


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