Working the Plan

This weekend I read a book called Hats Off to Murder, by D. S. Nelson. She’s a blog friend, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a quick read, and I appreciate that from time to time.

I read my own work in progress, called The Playground. I even managed 1134 new words this morning. That’s pretty low by my standards, but my wife got up early. What can you do? I’m just happy to get any writing time at all.

Yesterday, I joined Goodreads. Mari Wells and Charles Yallowitz found me almost immediately. Several more of you found me during the next 24 hours. Thanks, you guys.

Im having some trouble with it. These things don’t come with an operator’s manual, and I’ve been fumbling around. I tried to copy and paste a link in this post, but there doesn’t appear to be anything unique to me. It just looks like a generic Goodreads link.

When my author’s page got approved, I excitedly dove into it. The only book it will associate with me is Panama. It is aware of Arson and Wild Concept too, but I have not been able to claim them. Someone else entered all of these books, and I think I have the issue identified. When I signed up it was as C. S. Boyack, with all the correct spacing. Arson is attributed to someone called C.S. Boyack without the space. Wild Concept appears to be in the same boat.

I managed to get this blog to post over there, so I’ve had some success. I even got my beer drinking photo in the right place.

At this time, I have been unable to convince the programming that it’s all me. I sent them an email, and maybe they’ll help me out. So far, Goodreads has no idea The Cock of the South even exists. Maybe that’s a good thing for a day or three.

Sue Coletta sent me a cool document to help me find my way around. I’ll be spending this evening plowing through that. Thanks, Sue.

I suppose I need to update my Gravitar data, email signature, and blog to include Goodreads. I just need to figure out a proper link. Maybe there is no such thing, and people just search for C. S. Boyack.

So what all can I do on Goodreads? It’s all new and shiny. I entered the last few books I read and used copy & paste to include the reviews I posted to Amazon. I also added all the books I bought as TBR.

I’m interested in your tips and tricks, or just stop by and say howdy. Once I can take posession of all my books, the next amazing stunt will be when I publish Will ‘O the Wisp. I’m sure there are tricks to that process too. What are the secrets of the Goodreads universe?



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  1. That happened with me because Goodreads is very touchy. Someone put my 4th book in under Charles E Yallowitz. Didn’t have the . after the E, so I had to email Goodreads to get them to change the name and put it under my author page. There’s a lot of things that require you requesting help and it’s very touchy on changes. Beyond that I don’t really do much on Goodreads.


  2. Found you on Goodreads! I’ve been there for a while but know I’m only skimming the surface. I like it for keeping track of books I’ve read, reviews, and what I want to read. I use the basic author tools (adding books) but really haven’t invested the time I should in working my way around the site. One of these days…

    Of course, as someone who detests Facebook, I definitely rank it higher than FB 🙂


  3. I didnt enjoy it much, or find it helpful. Its like fb but with books. I joined because some readers might like to find me there… maybe. I was very active on it at first, but there are other places which give more interaction with people, and which are more fun, imho. To make something work for you, you have to enjoy it and want to be there, right? Otherwise theres little point. And you cant give 100% to every social media site. But you have to try everything for yourself… one man’s meat, and all that…


    • I’m with you on every point. All of them require babysitting. Im one of those who has to try it first. If it doesn’t turn out to be fun, or becomes a chore, I’ll try something else. Being a writer these days is all about throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks.


  4. I added you as friend, but could not find Wild Concept on there to add my review. When I first opened my Goodreads page with S.K. Nicholls, they told me that Initials could not have a space. Some librarian help person told me that. I have my book there so others can find it and post reviews, also, I can do Giveaways there because I have physical copies. That developed a lot of interest in the possibility of a freebie, but not much interest in actually buying the book. Because of the troll problem on Goodreads, I keep a low profile there and don’t engage many in groups.


    • I found your request and approved it. I was warned about the trolls. I sent the GR people an email with all of my ASIN codes. They might help me fix the issue. There are so many of us who use our initials, you would think it would be a priority fix to make it easy.

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  5. Almost forgot. When shopping for a new book to read, I will often go to Goodreads to see if any of my friends have read it. I trust their opinions more than strangers.


    • That’s a reasonable point for being on Goodreads. I would do the same thing.


      • I don’t have a large number of friends on Goodreads. Some people requested to be friends, but I didn’t accept…not to be mean, but I was reviewing their books and didn’t want to look like all their friends and no one else was reviewing their book. Then I discovered that when you look up a book by a popular author, you see this long strand of people you don’t know. Found out that it would show me what my friends thought of the book. Regrets. Live and learn.

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  6. Found you and became a fan because I didn’t see a “friend” button.


  7. Thanks for the shout out Craig. I’ve found a problem with the author spellings on Goodreads too.calso duplicate entries. I think you have to contact a Librarian who will correct it or merge the entries. I can’t remember how I did it though. That’s not helpful I know but if you google Goodreads Librarians or search on Goodreads ypu might get more info. Good luck! 🙂


  8. If you have issues with your books you can always ask for help from the librarians, as D S Nelson says. To become a librarian (I am although I don’t have a lot of time to get into Goodreads these days) you only need to review quite a number of books and then request it. For some more complicated things you need a SuperLibrarian though. These days I’ve noticed that if you input new reviews into Amazon they appear automatically in Goodreads too, that saves some time. You can join groups that interest you in Goodreads, but be careful when posting as an author as readers don’t like interference and they tend to have specific places for promos, etc. Best of luck and if you carry on having issues with your books let me know…


  9. I hope you find out, so that when I’m in your boat, you’ll be wise and willing to pass it on. 😉 Sorry I can’t help, but good luck! 🙂


  10. Late to the party….Glad everything got straightened out.
    Thanks for the shout out.

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