The return of Lisa Burton

I skipped on the snow as I landed at the writing cabin. Roald* helped me drag the gyro-copter back on the runway and turn it around.

Inside, I found Iris** the fairy using one of the tablespoons like a big shovel to load Bunny’s dish with alfalfa pellets.

“Good thing it was my wing that got sprained, and not my back,” she said.

I held a thumb up as I went past into the kitchen. I loaded the eggnog bowl into the sink and filled it with warm soapy water. Roald started on the dishes as I broke out the vacuum cleaner.

The rumble of the Harley sounded from down the valley. It would be a few minutes before Lisa*** got home. Sound traveled well in the icy air. I managed to clean up the worst of the dwarf tracks before slipping the vacuum into the closet.

A trio of harpies shrieked along the road and scattered as the motorcycle approached.

When the front door opened, I held my hands wide. “Welcome home.”

Lisa headed my way and turned up the stairs. I lowered my arms and glanced at Iris.

“Oh my little Bunny wunny. Mommy missed you so much.” Lisa’s voice drifted from upstairs. I waited for her to disburse an apple branch, a cardboard tube, a carrot slice, and a zucchini slice.

When she came back down, Lisa had already hung up her jacket. Her hair was full of icicles, and windblown. Somehow she still managed to look good. It was kind of a grunge/frozen look.

“Did you guys miss me around here?” she asked.

“I did.” I have to confess I was getting tired of scrapple, and eggnog that was stirred by Roald’s arm. Iris had been a big help when it came to preparing for my blog tour.

“Ve’s happy to have you back,” Roald said. “Iris and I can still make ten miles before ve gotta camp tonight.”

“Maybe we ought to wait until morning,” Iris said.

“Nah, I already got the cows loaded and dey’s ready to go.” Roald rumbled down to the basement and brought his cows around through the garage door.

“Are you safe to fly now?” Lisa asked Iris.

“Mostly. Roald said I can snuggle down into one of his cows. He said mountain cows have the warmest hair on Earth.”

“If you listen to Roald, mountain cows are the best of everything,” I said.

Lisa opened a drawer and slid out an old oven mitt. She walked out front and tied it to one of the cows.

“Dat’s a pretty good idea, by golly. Now Iris vill be nice and toasty along the trail.” Roald slapped his hands together and rubbed them. Steam clouded the air where he and the cows breathed.

No steam emitted from Lisa’s rhythmic breathing.

I walked out to join them and Iris snuggled into her oven mitt. “It was nice seeing you guys again,” I said. “Tell the rest of the southern people we said hello.”

We watched them go until they hit the tree line off to the east. It had been a busy year. Four older books published, and The Cock of the South was the last one.

Lisa and I went back inside, and I moved closer to the fire.

“I brought you a souvenir,” Lisa said.

I tried to suppress a grin, but failed. She took a shot glass from her purse and placed it on the front desk.

It looked just like this, but said Whitelyn, Arizona instead of Rachel, Nevada.


“You cozy up to the fire, temperature doesn’t bother me.” Lisa said. “Looks like I’d better get the skis on your gyro-copter before you have a worse landing.”

*Roald is a dwarven tribesman. He plays a supporting role in The Cock of the South. He was filling in for Lisa while she was away.

**Iris is a fairy. She also plays a supporting role in The Cock of the South. She was convalescing at the writing cabin while her wing healed.

*** Lisa is the main character in Wild Concept. She is a robot and works as my assistant at the writing cabin these days.


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18 responses to “The return of Lisa Burton

  1. Good to have her back. Let her rest a while.


  2. I’m so glad she’s back home where she belongs! (Not that I didn’t enjoy her adventures with Karen’s crew.) I hope Iris makes it home safely. And What a surprise to learn there’s a Rachel, Nevada! Now I have to add that to my list of to-sees. I gotta get a photo of the “Welcome to Rachel” sign! 😀 I hope this writing cabin post means you’re finding some tranquil time midst all the company. 🙂


    • Rachel, NV is in the middle of nowhere. It has about 10 residents. It is famous for being on the border of Area 51. It’s been in lots of movie shots. That shot glass is from The Little Ale E Inn. (Which I’ve had a drink in years ago.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, then Rachel is definitely my kinda town! How cool!


      • Just make yourself a tinfoil hat and you’ll fit right in there. You can always tie it together with some Vegas time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL! I’ve definitely got to see this place now! You know, I was only in Vegas once for a photographer’s seminar. I loved the weather. The desert was beautiful as I flew over it, but I wanted to explore it and no one else in my room did. So we didn’t. 😦 I’d definitely be back up for doing that again. As for the city, I wanted to see that old “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.but again, my group was not one for exploring anything off the main strip. I liked the airport a lot. I did not care for all the ads for prostitutes that people kept shoving at us. And there was a lot more of a touristy feel just walking down the sidewalk than I imagined. I did, however, love the hotel I was in (MGM Grand) and was shocked at how huge it was! And I loved those elevated walkways over the street. As far as the casinos, they didn’t really strike me as being much different than any other casino I’ve ever been in, so that wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would have been. Though I was impressed that they even had slots in the airport. It was a definitely nice place to visit, but I don’t know how anyone could live there, at least not right in that busy part of town. Maybe a few streets over is quieter? I really wish I could have seen more of the surrounding area. It looks like some beautiful country out there!


      • Vegas can be kind of spooky. Lots of gang activity. Best bet is to stay downtown, or take a cab. The desert is awesome. I’m from Northern Nevada, so the trips down there were less frequent. I understand there’s even a tour for Rachel, NV now. It involves an old mining ghost town, and the border of Area 51. It would be a photographer’s dream. That ghost town might be the place to shoot some infrared film. Then stop back at the spa before cocktails on the Strip. I’ve also spent some time on the nuclear test site, but that’s the other direction.

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      • Yes, Rachel definitely sounds like my kind of place. Maybe when I go, I’ll have to call you to give me a tour. 🙂


      • I’ve never taken the tour. It’s kind of new. There’s also valley of fire that’s another photographer’s dream.

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      • Oh, that sounds cool, too!


      • GASP! I LOVE that! You write a book that needs a cover photo from there, and I’ll meet you there to capture the perfect cover. Deal?


  3. I’m glad that Lisa is back at the cabin, Craig. Her present for you is awesome!
    And I’m so glad that Lisa agreed on doing our interview – I really enjoyed it!


    • I think you’re onto something with Whitelyn. There could be more stories there.

      Liked by 1 person

      • My thoughts exactly, Craig. It’s a real pity that there were only a few votes. There’s a majority voting for Whitelyn and the format, though. 🙂


      • I thought you’d get more comments. I had a few on the re-blogs. There was a lot of traffic flowing between our blogs, so that’s a good sign. I certainly benefitted from our sharing, and I hope you did too.

        This project sparked my imagination too. I’m going to try some things with Lisa on my blog.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Some readers prefer to do just that: read. Others comment if they have the time. I hope that the readers who don’t comment also like my stories. I’m really glad to provide you with more fans.

        I’m looking forward to your new Lisa project.

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