Time for an assessment

Is anyone tired of seeing my mug all over the Internet? I’m just plain tired. Dog tired.

I took my story, The Cock of the South, on a blog tour last week. This was part of a Rave Reviews Book Club spotlight week that I won. I participated in a contest to recruit new members for the club, and came out on top.

As soon as I learned of my victory I started researching. This would surely put me over the top, right? It appears that isn’t the case. All of the experts told me not to expect sales, and don’t try to milk the tour for sales. A tour is all about recognition. It’s about meeting people, getting my name out there, and having fun too. I approached the whole thing with that mindset.

RRBC sent me a very professional spotlight kit. It involved filling out a bunch of forms, and swearing I wouldn’t talk about my spotlight until it happened. I was instructed to prepare 8 – 10 unique blog posts, and they even provided some suggestions.

Not being able to talk about it was tough. I could have posted some Writing Cabin tales about the preparations.

There wound up being an email snafu somewhere, and I had to resend one post on Christmas Day under emergency conditions. My first lesson is to just roll with it.

I sent ten blog posts in, but two of them never appeared anywhere. I suspect the email gremlin was involved. These were excerpts from my book. If anyone would like to post them, they’re fair game now. Let me know if you’re interested.

I made sure to go back to each post during the week and reply to every commenter. I am a generally friendly guy, and anyone who takes time to comment deserves a reply. This includes those that didn’t find the post until three days later.

I took part in a live Twitter interview today. The connections plagued us, and I had to reboot and log back in at one point. It was only attended by my host and I, and one other person. I think a bit more promotion might have helped.

As a prize, I didn’t get to select the week of my Spotlight. It was set during Christmas, and that might not have been the ultimate time. I just rolled with it. It’s a thousand times more promotion than I would have gained without it.

The promotion included all forms of social media. I use this blog and Twitter only. That’s about to change, and deserves its own blog post. I must have circulated through a million Twitter feeds. I kept track of how many followers each Tweet and retweet had. I’m sure there are a lot of duplicate followers, but I’m impressed. I have no idea what might have happened on Facebook or Pinterest, but I’m sure it exists.

Right at the end of my Spotlight, a dear friend posted a very favorable review for my book. The timing couldn’t have been better. Thanks, Ali.

I gained exposure. People know my stories and I exist. I gained about a hundred new Twitter followers. Best of all, I gained about twenty-five new blog followers. That’s a huge week for this blog. There were a bunch of commitments to add my story to various TBR lists. I even got an ARC request for Will ‘O the Wisp. Score!

I suppose one can’t have everything. Sales were horrible. They were worse than almost every other week, and I have to believe the holiday had something to do with that. On the plus side, there are a ton of Amazon gift cards floating around out there. Maybe some fantasy fanatic will take a gander at my book.

Keep in mind, this is for all titles combined. Even Panama was flatlined, and that’s unusual.


I am not whining. I am ecstatic with the amount of support and number of people I reached. In fact I’m probably going to sign up to host others who wind up in the RRBC Spotlight.

This is a good club, and if you’re interested in exploring Rave Reviews Book Club further, hit the link at the top of this post. Thanks to everyone who hosted, liked, commented, or read my guest posts. Thanks also to the Twitter world for the overwhelming support you threw behind this project.

A writer’s work is never done. I’m off to critique group now. Then I have another behind the scenes project to help out with.


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17 responses to “Time for an assessment

  1. I’ll post one of the excerpts if you still need a hand. Just email me the info and I’ll schedule it for tomorrow afternoon.


  2. Kentucky Angel

    Really neat CH. Since I don’t know anything about hosting all I can do is reblog if that will help. One or 2 of my dozen followers might actually read it.


  3. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like an exhausting week! It may not have resulted in any sales as yet, but this type of thing pays off in the long term. So stay positive!

    Btw I already have an excerpt of COTS on my blog from the Friday Fiction you did. Would you like me to push it out on social media again?


  4. Good luck! I’m sure all of this exposure will pay off. 🙂


  5. Craig, I’m sure it’s just the timing. I think your increased exposure was wonderful and the newcomers to your blog will definitely enjoy your work when they start reading about your adventures at the cabin. Way to go, my friend!


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