FF: Neighbors! #61

Oh, Yay! Lisa is bringing me a present. I’m so glad she was able to help Sheriff Jim. I wonder what it is?

Today is like Craig day on the internet. This one isn’t about me, it’s about Karen. Please go visit Karen, and give her lots of credit for this story.

In a small compass...

Lisa and I left the station. It was peaceful outside.

“This greedy bastard is hopefully getting what he deserves!”

“He will, Lisa. The trial will have media coverage. This may well give Lavinia and Lester the opportunity for their alien show.”

“I really hope that, Jim. It’s incredible how mean humans can be.”

“If all humans had at least half of your empathy and compassion – the world would be a better place, Lisa.”

Lisa shook her head and smiled. “Look what I’ve got for Craig!”

I admired the little object in her hand. “He’ll have a blast! Great choice!”

“I miss him, Bunny, the cabin – everything.”

“The case is solved – thanks to you, Lisa. You’re free to go.”

Lisa hugged me. “Promise me.. Listen to your heart, Jim, let Trudy in.”

Following her gaze, I noticed Trudy at the corner.

Lisa jumped on her bike and was…

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4 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #61

  1. Lisa asked me to forgive her – for not showing me your present, Craig.
    She had a fine time with the team in Whitelyn. I could tell that she missed you and Bunny a great deal.
    Thank you once again, Craig. You and Lisa are awesome friends.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW! What a great ending! I knew Lisa missed you and Bunny. I can’t wait to hear what she brings you. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What did she bring you, Craig? Cant wait to hear all about it. I think its great and totally unique that you and Karen shared this character… well done you guys!


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