FF: Neighbors! #59

This is so cool! The story continues in Neighbors.

In a small compass...

Fake Bobbi didn’t look glamorous any longer. She corroborated her brother’s story.

“What would you have done?” she asked us. “Seeing your brother fade to nothing, his despair, then finally a ray of hope. He deserves to have a little fun and fame with a little show.”

“You didn’t blow up the trailer or set fire to the factory – but why did you have to drug the guard? Had the fire spread – he might have died!”

She looked up in disbelief. “I didn’t drug anybody! The guard had one helluva headache, I gave him one of my pills, that’s all!”

Lisa was on full alert. “Are there some left?” She rushed out, already putting on her gloves. At the lab, she labeled and documented the evidence, sliced a pill for official analysis. She licked a slice. Her tongue immediately identified the substances. The pill container had Hardin’s prints…

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7 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #59

  1. That’s interesting… I wouldn’t have thought Lisa would have needed gloves.


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