FF: Neighbors! #58

Now maybe we’ll get some answers on Neighbors, over at In a Small Compass.

In a small compass...

Dispatch had organized sufficient staff for the holding cells and interview rooms. We had separated the trio right away, and they were all pretty subdued on arrival.

I thanked Steve for riding along, had to dismiss him nonetheless. I promised to keep him in the loop, he was quite satisfied with that prospect.

Inside, I briefed the staff. Tony and I would do the interviews, Lisa would be present as consultant.

“O-wen first, then fake Bobbi, then Hardin.” Lisa and Tony agreed.

“Excellent choice, Jim!”

O-wen was the picture of misery. “Lester, you know why you’re here?”

O-wen’s confirmation resulted in a torrent of words. He talked about his depression after receiving the transplant, the medication he hated, and his dream of a show in Vegas. “I wanted to stop everyone laughing at me – I wanted them to laugh because they enjoyed my show!”

This was too much for…

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