#RRBC Spotlight Author – Day Three

My blog tour continues over at John Howell’s blog. He’s very supportive of indie authors, and you ought to be following his blog.

Thanks for hosting me, John.

Fiction Favorites

Craig author picCockof the south

Rave Reviews Book Club features an author each week. This week’s Spotlight Author is Craig S. Boyack. I am pleased to present him here on Fiction Favorites. Craig has a new book out called “The Cock of the South.” This is his first attempt at writing fantasy. It involves a group of conquered peoples banding together to ensure they have a place in the world. It is set in a Greco-Roman environment, rife with everything fans of those stories might expect. In his words then:


I wanted to read a good dwarf story at one point. I found some really good ones, and a few that didn’t quite measure up. I returned to this theme occasionally over the course of a few years. The idea stuck with me and I decided I wanted to write one myself. Why should elves get all the love?

I stewed about a plot…

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2 responses to “#RRBC Spotlight Author – Day Three

  1. I AM following him now thanks to you. And way to go, buddy! 😀


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