FF: Neighbors! #57

This is awesome! Lisa served as bait. Today the trap gets sprung.

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In a small compass...

We followed at a convenient distance. Lisa kept me posted about the route. In addition, she sent me a recording of the meeting, including photos of the office. ‘X marks the spots’ was her direct message to me.

I tipped off Vegas Chuck about the office. There was enough evidence to link to our case. I refrained from telling the others how Lisa knew. Her ability to scan through matters should remain unknown.

“Crossing the state border in 15.” We had agreed upon this time span to get our reinforcements there in time.

“Faster now, Tony!” Tony accelerated while thousand ‘What if’s’ swirled through our minds.

“Crossing state border in 3.”

The radio cackled: “Sheriff Burrell, reinforcement in place.”

“Crossing state border in 5-4-3-2-1.”

Lisa flew over the state border, and before the trio realized, they were surrounded by police. They were cuffed, read their Miranda rights, and we took…

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2 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #57

  1. GASP! I didn’t see that coming!


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