FF: Neighbors! #56

The action has started on Neighbors. Lisa is the subject of a hot pursuit. Those guys had better be careful, or they might catch her.

In a small compass...

While we listened in to Lisa’s encounter, I admired her skills once more. This situation meant treading in dangerous waters, one wrong move could be fatal for our investigation. The trio needed to stick together, not divide into two opposing parties.

As the confrontation continued, we found out that Hardin had told Lavinia and Lester what to do. The helicopter stunt – picking up O’wen in the middle of the night – had cost a fortune. Even in Steve’s then drunk state, he had looked through the decoy, never reported a UFO sighting. This was when the trio got more and more desperate.

Lisa picked the right moment to steer the conversation in a new direction. She played the rivalling show star convincingly.

“And now…” Lisa purred, followed by a clanking sound, then running.

I nudged Tony, whispering “Get ready.”

Lisa left the building, leaped onto her bike and took…

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  1. Oh, it’s getting so good!

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