A Monday in which I act stupid

I’m having a blast on this blog tour. It goes on all week, and I’ll keep re blogging stuff. Monday is one of my regular days, and I need something original. Here are a couple of stupid observations.

My wife is addicted to smelly things in our house. (No, not me, before Doobster shows up.) I’m talking about plug in air fresheners, candles, and anything else you come up with. I think they’re watching me. Look for yourself.



We we also got this Christmas card. It made me wonder what Santa does in his off hours. Winters are long and cold up north.


Hint, it’s actually upside down.

That’s it for tonight, but I owed you something.




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15 responses to “A Monday in which I act stupid

  1. Great post! Made me smile. 🙂


  2. I’m not even sure I want to know what that picture on top is supposed to be, much less in what room in your house it’s locate….


  3. We have those Airwick thingies that hiss at you every half hour. My husband can’t stand them because they always manage to spray when his face is in front of them. My grandson is scared of them. He thinks they’re alive.


  4. Lol! Have you been on that pumpkin beer again…


  5. Your wax burner looks like it has a face! Me, I love “smelly things”, Yankee Candles being my favorite. They allow great cover on rainy days for wet dog. 😀


  6. All you need is some googly eyes for the wax melter!


  7. Those are both hilarious! Did you happen to notice those by accident, or did you search long and hard for something so incredibly creative? 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 😀


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