FF: Neighbors! #54

It’s going down in Neighbors, over at In a Small Compass. PS: Be careful, Lisa.

In a small compass...

After the call, Lisa sent me the directions. The theater’s delivery entrance was in one of the less flashy roads, at least on the map it offered sufficient possibilities for us to hide in plain view.

As we reached Vegas, Lisa called again with instructions. “Pass by the theater, round the block. Do by no means pass the delivery entrance. Be prepared to follow fake Bobbi and O’wen. Just keep a low profile, will you!”

“Yep, will do,” I assured her.

“You all might want to grab a coffee first, or use the facilities. It’ll take me about 45 minutes to arrange everything. If you do not see my bike, pray and let the motor rip in hot pursuit! If Hardin comes out with the Davies to follow me, we need more support back in Arizona. He could be extremely dangerous. If he doesn’t come out with the Davies, inform…

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5 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #54

  1. Wow, it’s getting so suspenseful! I hope she doesn’t take a break over Christmas so we have to miss a day. It’s kind of like a soap opera fix now. 🙂


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