FF: Neighbors! #53

The kinetic action has me on pins and needles. Check out Neighbors over at In a Small Compass.

In a small compass...

Tony was our designated driver, Steve got in beside him, I got in the back with some paperwork. We drove at a steady pace. Lisa called me halfway.

“Am I on speaker?” was her first question.

I negated and she told me what she had researched. Hardin had a connection to Vegas. He was silent partner at the theater that had denied fake Bobbi and O’wen’s show. Apparently, he had wanted the siblings to try harder at getting famous. Lavinia and Lester had considered him their friend, while he just manipulated them. He had fared well with his carrot-and-stick approach.

“He presumably started to leave some weird hints so they’d do stuff in his favor, like the incident at the shoe factory.”

Lisa had a point.

“I checked the theater’s location. There’s a delivery entrance in back. This is where we’ll start the hunt. Be prepared to see me running…

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  1. I see Lisa’s still hard at work! I hope she gets home in time for Christmas… So she can show you all she bought at the Vegas Bed, Bath & Beyond!

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