FF: Neighbors! #50

Nice records search over on In a Small Compass. Catch up with Karen’s story, Neighbors.

In a small compass...

Tony was surprised. “When did Hardin lie, Jim?”

“He told me, Bobbi Funderburk vanished when the first check bounced. Tara Taylor – the ‘real’ Bobbi – told me she’d pocketed O-wen’s money and left the country. There never was a check from O-wen. Tara wired Dan Hardin the complete amount – case closed.”

Steve sighed, “Back to square one.”

Lisa shook her blonde mane. “No guys, not at all!” She started typing like mad on her laptop, hit return, thus activating a holographic presentation.

We sat there, dumbfounded.

“You see, O-wen knew both the real and the fake Bobbi. Dan Hardin never met fake Bobbi. He was angry that real Bobbi had vanished with the cash. He invented the bounced checks as he assumed you’d never pry further. That he had received the money in the end was just a fine bonus.”

“Tomorrow at 9, we search the database, then…

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5 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #50

  1. Lisa has a blonde mane? Has she sent any postcards while she’s been away?


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