Look! Posting on my own blog.

I admit to being a serial reblogger lately. It’s all such good stuff though.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Karen’s story, Neighbors. My character, Lisa Burton, is playing a supporting role here. Karen’s characters are wonderful too, and extremely colorful. I won’t link this time, you’ve probably seen my reblogs through the past few days.

Karen also read my book, Arson. She posted a wonderful review too. How could I not reblog this? I need reviews, and this is awesome.

This has been a Godsend for me. I’ve been very busy at work, with the holidays, and on other projects. I didn’t want you guys to think I’m dialing it in. I’m watching and reading all this along with you.

Old What’s Her Face* recorded the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night. We both get up extremely early for work, and the Idaho puritans wouldn’t air it at a decent time. We’re watching it right now. OWHF is thoroughly enjoying herself.

Alright, I admit to peeking once or twice. I just wish they had a girl or two with bat wings and tattoos. Maybe just a touch more meat on their bones too. What can I say, not everyone’s into Barbie.

What’s everyone else doing tonight?

*Not the name on my wife’s birth certificate.


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23 responses to “Look! Posting on my own blog.

  1. We’re recording Fast Times at Ridgemont High tonight, so we can watch it with FF on the DVR. I hate commercials. But right now it’s quiet. I’m playin online, word games and this, while The Mister does his homework. πŸ™‚


  2. I keep picking up a notebook, leaving the room to do something downstairs, come back to grab what I’m reading, leave again, go for notebook, and continue the boring cycle.


  3. Victoria’s Secret was ruined for me after the phenol/formaldehyde bra. Flashbacks to gross anatomy every time I shifted. If I get breast cancer, that is why. Can’t bring myself to buy anything else there….


    • I’ve never even heard that story. If it helps, I promise not to buy my underwear from them. I’m a supportive blogger.

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      • As it happens, it is used to prevent fungus on clothing prior to shipment. There was a broohaha about it a number of years ago. I wrote them a nice letter warning them that it was awful practice and they needed to rethink it. It was one bra. I got an ugly letter back telling me I didn’t know jack. I may not know jack, but I know phenol. I thought about having it tested to prove my point but then figured it was just a waste of money. I wasn’t demanding my money back. I just wanted them to be aware. And in all fairness, it was one bra out of four. Meh. Thank you for your support, sir!


      • That’s interesting. We hear so much about what gets sprayed on our food, but never stop to think about durable goods. It never would have occurred to me.

        Should we wash our clothes before wearing them like we wash our fruit?

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      • I do for my kids. My mom did for us growing up. Hated it though. Never as pretty as it is straight off the rack. :-/


      • You are a wealth of information. Thanks for bringing this up.

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  4. I’m glad you’re checking in! πŸ™‚ Do you have much snow there yet? I already rad Karen’s amazing Arson review. Good for you! πŸ˜€ That’s so sweet! Have you been able to do anymore work on The Playground yet? Or WOW? (I really wish you’d come up with a sequel to that one!)


  5. Ha! “What’s her face” isn’t on her birth certificate? How bizarre. LOL

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  6. The costumes on Victoria’s Secret intrigue me more than the women. Most are anorexic bimbo types.BTW I love the December alien winter scene.


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