FF: Neighbors! #49

The plot thickens on Neighbors. Please check out Karen’s story where my original character is making a guest appearance.

In a small compass...

“All right, folks. The warrant will be available tomorrow morning. As soon as we have a contact, I need you, Lisa, to send them the blood data. Let’s hope it was a legal bone marrow transplant.”

Tony’s ringing phone interrupted my speech. Despite my growling, he took the call, grunted and rang off.

“Vegas Chuck sends some copies of fake Bobbi’s driver’s license, rental papers, etc.”

“Did he mention O-wen?”

“No, Steve. She must have picked him up elsewhere.”

Steve had realized that my caffeine level had dropped. He jumped up. “While Tony prints Vegas Chuck’s stuff, I’ll go get some coffee!”

Tony and Steve returned together. Steve handed Lisa a paper mug. She accepted it with a smile. I sipped my coffee, my mood improving to an acceptable level.

We scanned the copies from Vegas. Fake Bobbi had indeed hired the car for Funderburk & Hardin.

“Hardin – is…

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2 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #49

  1. Thank you so much for letting Lisa Burton handle this case, Craig. It’s awesome to have her on the team. 🙂

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  2. This is just so creative on so many levels! 😀

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