Arson by C. S. Boyack

A very nice review of my story, Arson. Check it out, and consider following Karen’s blog.

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My rating:  4.4  of  5  stars

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Perry Wolfe is an elite space firefighter. He loves his job, his life, and his future looks bright. He loses everything in a freak accident.
Marked as uninsurable, he can not only never work in space again, he can never be a firefighter again. His entire family consists of generations of firefighters. When his sister is murdered, he applies for her job as a federal arson investigator with ATF.
Can he keep his head in the game long enough to pass basic instruction? He has clues to his sister’s murder, but must stay in the program long enough to test his theories. He’s at the wrong agency to investigate the murder of a federal agent.
Perry can only push himself so far. He needs to mourn sometime, and start coming to grips with the fact that his world changed…

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5 responses to “Arson by C. S. Boyack

  1. Perry Wolfe – similar to Lisa Burton – is a great character, series-worthy.
    I really like your protagonists, Craig.


  2. You are getting so much love this month, Craig! That’s so awesome! 😀

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