FF: Neighbors! #46

Aggghhh! Cliff hanger. What is it?

In a small compass...

Locking the door and scanning her surroundings was done in the wink of an eye, securing her gear and putting on the helmet gave Lisa another opportunity to take in the peaceful scenery. She started the machine, enjoying the roaring engine. Five minutes later she pulled up in front of the station. Lisa produced a dazzling smile for the officer who held the door open for her.

At the lab, Lisa greeted John’s assistants, went to ‘her’ desk and took in the test results: The substance on the sheet consisted of human and ape DNA, as well as make-up. The blood sample was actually from two different persons. Lisa initiated two separate researches and headed over to the meeting room.

I was going over the crime scene shots when Lisa entered. “Morning, Jim!”

“Morning, Lisa!” I could see that she had news. “What is it?”

Steve and Tony came in…

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