FF: Neighbors! #45

Is Lisa going to Vegas? Check out the newest chapter of Neighbors at In a Small Compass.

In a small compass...

Back at her motel room, Lisa initiated two searches, one on her laptop, the other on her tablet. After texting Craig that she was all right, Lisa made sure her room was locked and safe, then settled on the bed for charging and zapping through the available news channels on the tiny TV set. Among others, a journalist casually mentioned some minor events at a casino in Las Vegas. ‘I’ve learned so much about the human race, and I still don’t get the human affinity to monkeyshines!’

After her charging was complete, Lisa checked her tears and blood deposits.

Checking her devices, she saw some results for the golden Mercedes cabriolet. There were only two in the US, both owned by a renowned hotel in – Las Vegas. Lisa stored this important information, then checked the tablet. The search about blood anomalies had taken quite a while. The results were…

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4 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #45

  1. Hmm… Seems like she’s forgotten all about Bunny! 😉


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