FF: Neighbors! #44

Lisa is getting down to business in Neighbors, over at In a Small Compass. Check out this cool story.

In a small compass...

‘This case is really something else. Given the scarce traces of evidence and the strange events, it was pretty obvious why Jim and his team need me.’

Starting to analyze the mug shot from the cactus, Lisa wondered when the team had started to call “O-Y” “O-wen”. She stored that thought for later.

The particles on that sheet were strange. John’s protocol stated what he had done so far, quite a bit more than the classical tests. There was a recently developed micro molecular test that had not yet been applied, though. Lisa started the test and documented it on her hard drive and on the test log. The test would take at least six hours, time enough for a first check of the blood sample. John’s assistant actually had written ‘partially human’. Lisa frowned. The applied tests were standard procedure in 1970. Where did she learn her profession! Lisa…

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3 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #44

  1. I’m just loving all these guest appearances Lisa is making on your behalf! 😀


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