FF: Neighbors! #43

Cool! Now I’m a character in this too. Reminds me of the old Monty Python bit, “Also not appearing in this film.”

This is fun. You should check out Neighbors over at Karen’s place.

In a small compass...

“Now you know as much as we do about all events, suspects, how we’re all involved. I take it you’re raring to analyze the collected evidence, now.” I said this, half grinning. Anyone could see with half an eye how eager Lisa was to get started.

“Yes, please!” Lisa beamed.

“All right. Next meeting tomorrow morning at nine.”

Lisa nodded and followed John’s assistant to the lab.

Tony was impressed. “Lisa knows to ask the right questions! Looking forward to her findings.”

“She’s incredible,” added Steve. “She has it in her to lure fake Bobbi out of hiding, Jim.”

“My feelings, exactly. I have given her clearance for the lab, dispatch will let her come and go as she pleases.”

I called Craig on my way home to thank him once again.
Meanwhile at the lab…

John’s assistant had shown Lisa all case evidence and left her to her own…

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  1. That’s so cool! 😀 Now if someone ever dares to call you a character, you can just smile and say, “Yep, it’s true.” 🙂

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