FF: Neighbors! #42

Hey everyone! Lisa’s on the job over at In a Small Compass. Please follow her further antics, and let Karen know you stopped by.

In a small compass...

I was handling some administrative staff before the meeting. The door opened and – for the second time within weeks – you could have heard a needle drop inside the station. Detective Lisa Burton had entered without a fuss, just stood there, scanning the gaping staff. Clad in black leather, a checkered blouse, blonde mane and sunglasses on top were quite a site. I got up and hurried to greet her.

“Welcome, detective – you’re heaven-sent!”

Lisa nodded. “Thanks a lot, Sheriff Burrell. Glad to be of help.”

I asked her to follow me to the conference room. I introduced her to Tony, John’s assistant and Steve.

“Tony focuses on computing and analysis; Steve was the direct neighbor of our main suspect, his trailer blew up – presumably to destroy possible evidence; John’s assistant, a forensic analyst needs to cover other cases. She’ll show you all evidence, later.”

Lisa listened…

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  1. Very cool, my friend! 😀


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