Another adventure for Lisa Burton?

Today is the one day promotion for Wild Concept. This is the story of Lisa Burton, who also appears regularly in my blog. Lisa is a robot, for those new to her story.

Lisa is going to be getting a new adventure over at Karen O.’s blog. Karen has a cool story she’s been writing over at In a Small Compass, called The Neighbors. Here is a direct link.

I found out about it like this…

I got a text message from Lisa at the writing cabin. I was tied up with other business, and couldn’t get out there right away.

“Craig, I have to leave for a few days. Jim Burrell needs my help on one of his cases.”

“How long will you be gone, and where are you going?”

“I’ll be gone for a week. Okay, maybe as long as three weeks. Depends on how much work is down there.”

“Down where?”

“Whitelyn, Arizona. It’s just out of Las Vegas.”

“Are you flying? You might have trouble getting on an airplane.”

“Biking. The snow should let up once I reach central Nevada.”

“What about the writing cabin?”

“Iris is still here. She can help you.”

“She’s just a fairy. She can’t even lift the coffee pot.”

“I’ve got to ride. I’ll get someone to fill in. I should have internet until I reach the Great Basin. You’re a big boy. You’ll do fine. Love, Lisa.”


There are still a few hours of the free promotion for Wild Concept. If you want to know more about Lisa, this is a good chance to jump aboard.

Make sure to check out Karen’s story and leave your Gravitar. She’s well worth following too. I have no idea what Lisa is going to do here, so you can bet I’m reading along with everyone else.


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9 responses to “Another adventure for Lisa Burton?

  1. Thank you very much for getting some support for Jim Burrell, Craig. This case is tricky and – Lisa will love biking through that region. Whitelyn is a nice enough town, ready to welcome a helpful guest. 🙂

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  2. Ali Isaac

    Wow! That’s such a cool idea! Well done you guys, I will defo be checking it out!


  3. Fairies cannot lift coffee pots. Tis true!


  4. Lisa will likely be more help than Doubt. I wish I had known her better before I finished my little crime novel. I have a secret project in the works now. I’m not even telling the rocket scientist the details. I want to do this one on my own.


  5. Well, I hope you and Iris can hold down the fort while Lisa’s away. And I hope someone feeds Bunny. 🙂


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