FF: Neighbors! #39

Huh, wonder what’s going on over here? You’d guys should take a look.

In a small compass...

‘One missing person less,’ I thought.

As Tony was still searching for the guard, I headed over to the lab. John’s assistants were hunched over some papers. They guiltily looked up on hearing my footsteps. They didn’t have a clue about the blood sample from the factory. “What about the substance from the blown up trailer?“ They shrugged and I stomped from the room.

Back at my desk, I dialed a number I hadn’t called in ages. The phone was answered on the second ring. “C.S., my friend – I need help.“

“Jim?! Shoot!“

“I need a forensics expert, analytical and smart; experienced in field work, used to undercover jobs; someone who detects lies and uncovers hidden secrets.“

“Consider her on the way.“

C.S. was a real friend. I almost smiled when Tony returned with the guard.

The guard confirmed that Bobbi had given him the pill, had flirted with…

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