One more tidbit

I heard from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. These are the same ones that painted our room.

Cat circles really work. In one of my older posts I linked to an article about how cats are attracted to circles. They looped an electrical cord on the floor. Their cat crossed the room, entered the circle, and stayed there.

One of my readers was going to test this and post photos, but I don’t remember who. My relatives vouch for it working.

The next time you can’t find the cat, loop your belt or something on the floor and wait.



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12 responses to “One more tidbit

  1. My cat prefers playing with the belt, rather than sitting within it.


  2. Or put up the Christmas tree and await the destruction!

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  3. Weird! Love cats… wish I had one.


    • I don’t think they’re hard to come by. It’s not like dreaming of a hyacinth Macaw. Treat yourself to a cat. You can name her Lush since the store is far away.

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      • Its not that. My husband is allergic to their fur and not an animal lover. He’s not happy that we have a dog. A few weeks ago a friend was giving away a cute black kitten with blue eyes. I really wanted him! But hubby and me allmost fell out over it. Its not worth the hassle. Rather have a cat than a dog, but didnt know that at the time we got Indi lol!


      • Can’t help you there. Too bad. I’m not really a cat guy, but our pets are important to us.

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      • Oh I love my dog, and the boys do too, he’s such a quirky little personality and so affectionate. But I’ve come to realise through having him that Im much more of a cat person.

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  4. That’s very cool. I’ve got to tell my neighbor. She has eight!

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  5. With two cats in the house, I so have to try this… 😀


  6. Now I have to go try this. I’ll report back…

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