I am such a child



Some of you might remember when my daughter walked away from a strange job interview at Lush Cosmetics. This is the place that had a group interview with role playing. Needless to say, she never got the job, but she loves the products.

My wife and daughter went shopping at the new store. This was followed by, “Here Dad, look what we got for you.”

The object in the picture is called a bath bomb. You would have to be over fifty to remember a product called Fizzies. These were two coin shaped pellets we used to drop into water that turned it into something like a soda.

The bath bomb is similar to a gigantic Fizzie for your bath. You simply draw the bath, climb in, and drop this thing in the water. It spins, foams, moves about, and gives off a scent. I’m not big on poofy scents, but they didn’t have one that smelled like Hoppes #9.

The ones my daughter kept for herself change the water to various colors. She even had one with a prize inside. Mine didn’t do that.

What impressed me is the lotion included. I’ve posted before about how I fight the dryness here every winter. I get flaky patches on my legs and arms if it goes on too long. Gross, I know, but bear with me. When I finished my bath, my skin felt like a million bucks.

Call me a child. Call me a girl. These things are cool. Now they just need to make one that turns the water cammoflage and smells like bacon or something. My skin really appreciated this weird product. Maybe they could include a new condom as the prize for guys or something.



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22 responses to “I am such a child

  1. Feminine and Feline

    I love their bath bombs, my favorite is green & it smells like fruit loops.

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  2. First, you have got to the be THE coolest dad ever to have a daughter who brings home bath bombs for you. Second, bacon grease is a great moisturizer.


  3. This made me chuckle! I remember Fizzies! Still have em in some MREs!


  4. I can’t remember the last time I was in a bathtub. I’m a shower guy. But were I a bath guy, I would imagine that soaking in a fuzzy bath might be kinda cool.

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  5. Love Lush but nearest one is in Dublin

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  6. Lush is fun, I like the big slabs of soap they have that they cut slices off. Only trouble is the smell of those products is so overpowering in the store, I don’t know how people work there, the fumes make me feel slightly sick and headachy, and I’m not particularly sensitive to such things. But I love the products, the fragrance is more manageable when it’s just a small supply at home šŸ™‚


  7. I love those! Sadly, I could only use them back in Edinburgh, as where we currently live we have a septic tank, so it fills up pretty quickly when we take baths instead of showers. We have a Jacuzzi that we’ve only used a couple of times in 12 years. šŸ˜¦


  8. Bath bombs are… *cough* THE BOMB! Love them… nothing like epsom and baking soda to make you feel all fresh and lovely… It’s ok, you can be a girlie man, you’re allowed. And what a sweetie your daughter is to have got this for you! She is savvy enough to know a man would never… ever go into LUSH to buy his own bombs…


  9. You’re so real! Gotta love ya!

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  10. You are so cool! I think an Army man prize would be good, no? (Remember those?)


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