An actual day off

Holy cow! It’s cold here. I’m writing this at 4:00 PM and it’s a sweltering 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

I’ve been following a blog from New York State, and she has five feet of snow in her yard. They have another two feet predicted. I guess I’ll quit complaining. I had to shovel my father’s roof for him years ago to keep the house from collapsing. (My own roof was steeper and shed the snow.) When I finished I actually walked off the roof without the aid of a ladder. The roof snow plus the ground snow was high enough.

I suppose I’ll quit complaining about my weather, but snow and temperature are not the same thing. On the plus side, I have a beer mug outside that I keep hitting with a mist bottle. Frosted beer mug for me tonight.

Today was a day of bouncing. I have a top secret project I’m writing something for, so I centered my time around that. I write for a bit, then read two chapters of a book I’m engrossed in. I’ll probably make one more lap through both before calling it quits today. This way both things are getting done.

I spent a little time on positive daydreaming. I have a plot issue to sort out, and this is actually my method. No notes, lots of daydreaming, and exchange emails with my writing buddy. I’m almost there, but it might take another week. Then I have to modify my outline/storyboard.

Things are getting accomplished in bits and pieces. When payday comes around I need to pay an invoice for cover art. When I get around to editing it, Will ‘O the Wisp is going to have an awesome cover.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s all fun. If I had my way this is what I’d be doing for a living. Alas, I still need a paycheck job and all the benefits that come with it. Tomorrow is another work day.

With all this inclement weather it’s time to curl up with a good book. That’s what I’m doing on lap two tonight. If you need a book, I could make a suggestion or two.


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26 responses to “An actual day off

  1. winter has its particular stories and in my opinion all are amazing and unique.


  2. Ali Isaac

    If we get 18 degrees in the summer thats a hot day! Otherwise, sounds like you had a good day…


  3. I freeze at fifty. Had a giant pot of homemade veggie beef and barley soup. A crispy cornbread made in a cast-iron skillet. I’m good.


  4. Our forecast high today is about 17 degrees. And you’re right–it’s only November for crying out loud. Weather-gurus are predicting almost 40 degrees on Saturday. Is it bad to think a heatwave is coming??? I knew I shouldn’t have packed away the shorts yet… 😉


    • So many of those people in the deep snow are probably going to be faced with flooding very soon. It’s kind of tragic.

      Cold is still annoying. I’m running my humidifier full blast to keep my sinus from bleeding in the dry frozen air.


  5. Oh my, we had some 16 C today (60 F) in Athens and a glorious day. Sadly, I was stuck in the basement in front of my PC. I almost envy your bad weather! 😀


  6. It’s been sub-15 the past few mornings here in Westsylvania, USA. and we’re expecting another one tomorrow morning, then warming. Buffalo got pounded like a three penny nail.


    • We got our half foot to a whole foot depending on where you life. Then it froze. Ten days later all the snow is still here, but it’s caked on the streets like glacial ice.

      After seeing what New York got, I can’t complain. (as loud as I usually do.)


  7. When you shoveled the snow then stepped off the roof onto the snow pile, weren’t you afraid you might sink to the bottom and be buried alive? I was in Georgia yesterday (about 4 hours north of me) to shoot a wedding, and it was 31° at 9 PM when I left. I got home around 1 AM, and it was 44° here. No, we don’t usually get snow, but with the high humidity, it feels like jumping out of the shower and into the freezer. LOL! Of course, I’m one of the freaky people that actually love snow. LOL!


  8. All this talk of amazing heat, and snow up to your roof. Do you know what it’s doing here in Britain????? Correct. Raining. More rain forecast for tomorrow with some torrential downpours on Sunday. Plus occasional drizzle, of course.


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