My wife’s nefarious plot

Aha! She came back from town today bearing paint samples. She intends to paint our bedroom. Her good news is that our visitors are coming to help. All of this will happen while I’m at work, and she was only thinking about my knee. (Which is on the mend.)

Isn’t that nice of her?

The colors she chose are red and green. She has the idea of painting one wall a different color than the rest. It’s going to look like a Christmas present in there when she’s finished.

I argued for some nice neutral color where all the walls are the same. Men will understand this next bit… It was like – I wasn’t even speaking – at all. I suppose I should shut up about it. She liked 50 Shades of Grey, and it could become a red room of pain.

I had something else in mind. I think this is good:

image  image

She wasn’t impressed in the least little bit.


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14 responses to “My wife’s nefarious plot

  1. Well I like your colors better than green and red!


  2. Ali Isaac

    Personally, I’m loving your suggestions. You should run a blog poll on it, maybe the result will change her mind…

    Although, I do love Christmas, and those colours would be nice and festive!


    • The poll only works under a democracy. I’m sure it will be fine. She isn’t into garish colors. No fire engine reds, more like a pale maroon.

      If I over protest, I could wind up living in an actual cave. At least I could paint it the way I like.

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  3. Oh my! I can’t have color on my walls. All the accessories change too much. Better say little and keep the peace 😉

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  4. My sister did that red-green color scheme about a hundred and fifty million years ago. A combination of a plaid with a touch of dark blue, and a few duck decoys thrown in for good measure. Kind of overpowering. But I only spent one night in that bedroom, so if I’d been around longer, maybe it would have grown on me … or maybe I’d have gone blind, and then it wouldn’t have mattered any more.

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  5. I can explain why it was like you weren’t even speaking… She ANNOUNCED what she WAS GOING to do. She never asked for your opinion. Accent walls are nice. Plus, if she changes up the colors, she gets to go to BB&B and buy all new linens, comforter, drapes, pillows, etc. YAY! So, see, the paint job really IS like a Christmas present…. for HER! 🙂


  6. PsiFiGal

    Those pictures made me laugh/snort! I don’t know if I would like any red or green in my bedroom, well, certainly not red, green can be soothing. I had my walls in my living done area a nice dove grey, with a hint of blue in it, I love it. My bedroom is a nice soft blue. Someday I will get the kitchen done, I’m going to try a nice pale violet accent color with the white cupboards. And as I’ve been writing this I am realizing that you probably don’t give a s-darn. So read this out loud to your wife, but skip the parts where I sort of critique her choices hee hee.


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