Just damned tired

I really ought to post something about Halloween today. It’s all tied up in one of the genres I write. I’m just too pooped.

The seminar was good. It was a nice mixture of basic and fringe issues, and well worth attending. On day two, I became “that guy.”

Why not?

Why not?

I was going to write out the whole Inigo Montoya line, but Guardians of the Galaxy is about 30 years more recent.

Half the attendees were Columbus, Ohio locals. They stuck together and went out for the evenings. I never even walked outside my hotel the whole time I was there. I used Google maps, and never found anything all that exciting. Several people went to German Town, and it sounded interesting. It was about a two mile walk in the rain though. I’m also like a creature from the Never Never, you have to invite me.

Don’t feel too bad for me. There was a World Series and beer available at the hotel.

I attended the last day of my seminar and headed for the airport. (For some reason, I have that damned Pretenders song, about Ohio, stuck in my head now.)

I spent a major portion of my day on planes or in airports. There was a half hour wait in Chicago where I didn’t deplane. We got to Phoenix 20 minutes ahead of time. That sounded awesome, until I added that to my three hour layover. The plane to Boise was late. Even more layover time, yay.

I started reading Conor Kelly and the Fenian King. It’s awesome so far.

I got to people watch, and that’s important for writers. There were the ones who talk with their cell phones on speaker phone, so everyone has to observe them. There was the cute blonde in a suit who had two cell phones and an iPad going at once. Then there were the ones who have to carry everything they own onto the plane. They get upset when they have to check a bag. One woman had a screaming match over the phone in some language I don’t speak. Another traveller finally asked her to tone it down.

I turned my knee getting onto the final plane. I was sliding sideways to claim a window seat, and my foot caught on the mounting bracket for the seats ahead of me. It was like one of those ankle rolls when a guy slides into second and hooks a spike. My lower leg went sideways, an audible snap rang through the cabin, and I went down. I was cool though. Casual observers thought I sat down with authority.

My leg screamed as we taxied around the airport. We taxied so much I thought maybe they were driving from Phoenix to Boise. I decided to sleep, since it was about 10:00 PM. I managed about a half hour.

The stewardess came over the speakers. “Please remember to use headphones or turn the volume off on your electronic devices. SOME OF YOUR FELLOW PASSENGERS ARE TRYING TO SLEEP. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS!”

It was kind of like having Sam Kinison tell you good morning. At least my knee stopped throbbing. The sentiment was short lived.

When we landed, my knee cracked and I went down again. I limped down the causeway. I nearly went down again getting off the escalator. (De-escalator since I was going downstairs?”) Climbing into my truck was another adventure.

I assumed a night’s sleep would remedy my knee problems. (12:30 AM, by the way.) That wasn’t the case either. Today, I have to plan ahead to go pee. The treadmill misses me, but that isn’t happening today.

This stuff is easier to write about than a creative Halloween post would be. I got some nice insight into characters. My Muse even visited me over Kansas somewhere with a great short story idea. (Does anyone have any ideas how to write an actual short story? What are we shooting for, about 30K words?)



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15 responses to “Just damned tired

  1. Hope your knee gets better soon. Now, there are people out there who haven’t seen ‘Princess Bride’? I can understand kids, but some adults don’t know about it? Are they human?


  2. Hope your knee feels better soon! I’m a person who has to be invited as well. A TV and wine would win me over in a city without my family or friends with me.


  3. Ouch! Sorry about your leg.

    I assume everyone has watched Princess bride! And Ferris Bueller’s day off.

    I love Ali Isaac’s writing! Nice choice for an airplane read!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah, nothing like air travel. I hope your knee heals quickly so you can get on the treadmill and not have to waste too much time planning your pees.


  5. agwink1942

    Hey, get that knee X-rayed. I’ve found that a lot of times something will have snapped and therapy is needed.

    I seem to have been the only one to put up a Halloween post today, but it’s all fantasy so what the heck. Not much of a fantastic writer any way, better at memoirs.

    Feel better, and get that knee checked out.


    • My style is to wait until near death before going to the doctor. If it isn’t better by Monday, I’ll probably go in.

      I got lots of Halloween in my reader today, but it was more costume and party oriented. There were some good witch stories though.


  6. Agwink is right, get your knee looked at. I speak from experience, says she with the shiny new knee! Not that you’ll need a new one for something like this, but you could have torn your meniscus. I hope you’re feeling better very soon!

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  7. OUCH! and OUCH! 😦 What a sucky way to fly! 😦 But the fake Sam Kinison slight attendant should have brought a laugh anyway. πŸ˜‰ I hope your knee’s better now. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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