Guess what we did today


Had some weird salt & pepper shakers

My wife and I decided to make Jack o’lanterns. This is the one I made using these Halloween salt & pepper shakers for eyes. This is the first time I’ve ever peeled the skin off the pumpkin as part of this project. The potato peeler was no help, because a pumpkin has too many hills and valleys. I resorted to a paring knife and survived with all of my fingers in place.

Bills are paid, guests are travelling home, pumpkins are carved. I’m going to finish my Halloween beer tour, then I have to pack for my work seminar. No writing this weekend, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Maybe I can do some writing and publishing next weekend.



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14 responses to “Guess what we did today

  1. Enjoy the holiday. That’s one creepy jack o’lantern.


  2. Quite the handsome pumpkin you have there. I thought you had made the eyed from hard boiled eggs that you decorated and stuffed in the eye sockets.


  3. I love it! It’s creepy AND it made me giggle.


  4. Your comment about waiting to write until next weekend sounds familiar. Sometimes you just can’t fit everything in! And sometimes other things, like carving jack-o-lanterns, have to come first!


  5. What nice straight teeth. Too bad they’re so yellow, though. He needs to smoke less and brush more. But as far apart as they are, he probably doesn’t need to floss. If any human flesh get trapped between his teeth, all he has to do is exhale hard through that grin, and all the little bits will just blow out. Happy Halloween!

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  6. THAT is so cool! I’m truly impressed! 😀

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