Just popping in

I’ve been incredibly busy since last week. I had a house full of company until mid day Sunday. Today was a busy work day.

After work, I went directly to my critique group. All of us were a bit grumpy this month, me included. I delivered a couple of harsher critiques and received some too.

All in all, I think the critiques were beneficial. I have some new things to think about on Will ‘O the Wisp. Joining a critique group isn’t for the faint of heart.

I’m a big believer in critique groups, and am grateful to have a good bunch. Anyone who is looking to improve their writing would be well served to join or start a group.

In other news, I have cover art for The Cock of the South. I have some work to do on it still, but it’s getting published soon. I’ll probably make a separate post about the cover art. Once I get finished traveling, in early November, I’ll work on publishing it.

There will also be another Macabre Macaroni post on Thursday. I admit to missing a few of your blog posts. I promise to make a stab at catching up sometime this week.



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11 responses to “Just popping in

  1. I’m not in a critique group. It’s just not in my comfort zone. But I always use beta readers. Maybe some day I’ll evolve…


  2. Yaay! You have cover art! That’s when it always starts to feel like a real book for me! I look forward to seeing it!


  3. I think it sounds awesome to have a critique group (especially if you actually respect their writing). However, I hope with the group being i a grumpy mood, they didn’t give overly harsh critiques that were not actually accurate. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your new cover reveal!


    • We’ve all been together for about two years now. It’s not unusual to have an extreme month. We even have months where everyone loves every submission.

      You ought to check out a couple in your area. It’s also possible to find an online group. Different ones do different things.

      We don’t do readings. Everyone submits via email ten days before the meeting. Then each person goes round the table about one submission at a time. At the end of your turn, you get a few minutes to ask questions. Works for us, your mileage may differ.

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      • Oh that’s a really cool way to do it. I’ve looked in my area and only found one. But they read out loud there. (I like your way better.) I haven’t actually been to one yet, but I’d like to. 🙂


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