Found a new appliance

Long time readers may recall a post where I griped about appliances that have replaceable filters for no apparent reason. One of the targets of my wrath was a room humidifier. It makes water vapor; why does it need to make filtered vapor? I finally threw the damned thing away because it was getting expensive to feed it filters. This may seem like a silly thing to have to many of you. You live in a coastal region, or possibly the deep US south where it’s always humid. Let me tell you, the western US can get dry. This isn’t limited to summer either. When the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and stays there for a month, it gets dry. Noses start to bleed, and sinus problems escalate. (Just a little detour to help you understand). Last winter, I got by with a tea kettle boiling all the time, but this isn’t the safest option. Old What’s Her Face* found a Target flyer and showed me these humidifiers that were on sale. We went to Target, and they do not have a filter to replace every six days or so. Best of all, they were cheap.

Looks like an oversize Kleenex box.

Looks like an oversize Kleenex box.

The vent on top looks like the graphic from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. At the sale price, I actually bought two of them. My wife and I both noticed an immediate improvement in our sinuses. If they croak; they weren’t that expensive to begin with. They were only slightly more expensive than a filter for that old POS. They are small too, and tuck out of the way easily. Many of you won’t have dryness problems. Those of you who do might appreciate this find. *Not my wife’s actual name.



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16 responses to “Found a new appliance

  1. What brand is that? I’m in NY, but the part of the house that my bedroom is in gets so dry that I wake up with occasional nose bleeds.


  2. GOOD! It gets dry here in the winter, only because of the constant heat running, but throwing a few wet rags over the floor registers works when we need it. I did buy my daughter a Vick’s vaporizer when she was sick. Clever, but not nearly as small and convenient as the one you have pictured.


  3. Ugh! People down here use dehumidifiers, and dump gallons every week. We have a really good a/c system that keeps the humidity below a certain level. When I lived just as far north as GA, with the dry heat in winter, my face had scales on it all season. Yuck! Good luck with your new toy.

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  4. No dryness is not something we tend to be that familiar with over here in Ireland…

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  5. agwink1942

    Visited my sis in Colorado several times and I felt like a prune. In Kentucky if the air isn’t humid enough to drown in we don’t consider it real. It does get dry in winter when the heater is on though, so I might invest in a humidifier for that. Usually fill the crock pot with water and run it on low with the top open a bit to add a touch of humidity in winter.


  6. When I lived in NY, I had to humidify. Here in FL, if you need humidity, you’re probably already institutionalized and don’t know what’s going on anyway. That looks like a nice one you got there. And surprisingly, it didn’t come from Bed, Bath & Beyond! 😀


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