Don’t you hate people like that?

You know the type, they post pictures of their food. I’m not talking about something they’ve prepared, and it comes with a recipe. I’m talking about something they ordered in a restaurant.

Here’s the deal. I have more work events to attend tonight, and an eight hour drive tomorrow. I may not be able to make my usual Saturday night post. So here’s what you get:


It is based upon maple and bacon ice cream. Add in a bit of pie crust, some whipped cream, and a maple glazed hunk of bacon. Make a small hole somewhere in the top, and pour that shot of amaretto over it all. Mmmmm.

Thank you to all my regulars, the re-bloggers, and all my new followers. You’ve helped make a tiny story about a vegetable into my top post ever.


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14 responses to “Don’t you hate people like that?

  1. Bacon in an ice cream sundae? That ranks right up there in rankness with anything pumpkin! Although if you make it a double shot of amaretto, I probably won’t mind the bacon all that much.


  2. I’m with Doob – yuck! And I adore bacon!


  3. I find that actually inspiring! Yum!

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  4. LoveandFlats

    I’ll take five. That looks delicious.

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  5. I could eat that, drink that, whatever you’re supposed to do. πŸ™‚


  6. Ali Isaac

    Is that beakfast or desert? Over here, we only eat bacon for breakfast. But with ice cream and ammaretto?!! You guys on that side of the pond sure do eat weird food combos!!!


  7. Michelle Mueller

    That is a very odd concoction. But it looks sort of good . . .


  8. I take a lot of photos of food, both what I make and what I eat — so no, I don’t hate those people, since I am those people πŸ™‚
    Your photo looks delicious, and makes me glad I’ve got something sweet ready for after lunch!

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  9. You live in Idaho with all those yummy potatoes and you go for the bacon ice cream? Seriously?! I’m still waiting for the homemade peach ice cream photos! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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