Blogwanking , because I need to

Okay, so I’m within two views of my all time high number. Don’t get excited, my number is 77 in one day. I know blogs that get 77 views per hour.

I blame this on my morning post, Jack ‘O Lantern. It’s a fun bit of short fiction that was very well received.

I’m making this post just to get my numbers over the top. Please feel free to reblog Jack ‘O Lantern to all your followers. Help me set a new personal best. I need two views to tie, and three to win.


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28 responses to “Blogwanking , because I need to

  1. Surely i have at least one friend πŸ™‚


  2. LoveandFlats

    You’ve got this.


  3. Done. Reblogged it. That should give you a few extra views…I hope.


  4. Done and done! Good luck! πŸ˜€

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  5. Ali Isaac

    Yaaaay! You did it! Well done… its a great feeling. I’ve hit a few milestones with my blog myself this week. I dont set targets. But if it happens, I enjoy it!


  6. Lisa

    If you really want to share, Hasty is doing 31 days of horror and you could link it to her project. We’re all writing scary stories this month and linking them together. Even me and I’m horrible at it. LOL.


  7. I shared your Jack O’Lantern story and several of my friends liked it. My 12 yr old was all, “Oh I saw that comin!” I think she reads too many spooky things! lol


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