3 Quotes – by writers we know and admire

Karen is sending me a little blog love today. Please go visit her, and check out the other writers she refers to. I follow all of them.

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Above all: be daring. Be bold. Follow the path the words are creating, but don’t forget that sometimes it’s okay to make your own path and ask them to follow you instead. And never ever be afraid to fail, because in poetry our biggest failures are often our biggest successes.

Topaz Winters, Singapore, writer & musician

Most science fiction stories start off with a big idea. I usually base mine around the question, “What if?” An even better one for me is, “What’s the worst that could happen?”
Sometimes the small concept is even more fun. This is the spice in a sci-fi story. Whenever you create a scene, go back through it and upgrade the technology. Why turn on a light when you can talk to the house?

Craig S. Boyack, American writer

…Just because you decide to write and publish a book doesn’t mean…

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