Getting a Little Work Done

I didn’t gat a lot of time to write today. I forgot to track my word count for a few days and I’m afraid this includes a day of quick edits. I don’t know whether I added or subtracted more words last Wednesday. All I know is The Playground now has 23,037 words. Most of them are from today and it’s 3328 combined with Wednesday.

I’m tracking three separate characters in this story, and may not have the word count woes I usually do. Something tells me I’m going to have too many this time.

My heroine has some idea what’s going on, and what the parasite is doing to her. She got in the Christmas mood and narrowly avoided killing her new friend in a firearms accident. She still hasn’t taken up the mantle of what’s happened to her. This means she’s still in act one mode.

My anti hero learned a bit about the job he was asked to do. He’s going to learn a bit more by debasing himself with a less than beautiful woman. He hasn’t accepted the job yet, so he’s still clearly within act one. I think I’ll have him tear through gang land just to let him learn a bit more before he gets started. Must remember to get back to the butt licking dog.

My next move is to let my victim character, a little girl named Chloe, enjoy her Christmas. Then I’m going to wreck her life even further. She doesn’t get to decide what act we’re involved in. The adults make that decision.

I wrote this post with the WordPress app. I don’t like it as much as BlogPad, but they haven’t updated BlogPad Pro for iOS 8 yet. Fingers crossed.


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7 responses to “Getting a Little Work Done

  1. Kudos to you for continuing to write. I hate when I forget to track my word count!


  2. “…but they haven’t updated BlogPad Pro for iOS 8 yet.” Feeling any better about iOS 8 since your rant the other day?


    • No. I’m sure things will get better. I got a notice from my bank that a new way of paying at restaurants and such will be available in about two weeks. This tells me they had an 8.1 planned all along.

      I’ve discovered a few work arounds for now. The best one involves going to The Yardhouse, drinking beer and not worrying about it.

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  3. I am anxious to read what happens next! As soon as my real life quiets down a bit, that is. It sounds very exciting! 😀


    • Writers generally say not to edit as I go. I always have. An idea occurs to me and I need to go back a few chapters and plant a seed or two. This makes it hard on critique groups, because something they’ve read two months ago changed last week and this month the impact is what they see. I’m ahead of my critique group enough that this doesn’t happen anymore.


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