A lazy day off

I slept in until 5:30 this morning. It’s an hour and a half later than my everyday alarm goes off. D. S. Nelson invited me to write something for her blog and today was the day we agreed it would be posted. I searched my WordPress Reader and never found it. I went through my email, but there was no notice from WordPress that my address was posted by anyone else. WordPress is doing some strange things lately, and I hope I haven’t failed to respond to anyone’s comments.

I went directly to her website and found my post. I re blogged it and made a quick comment. I encourage everyone to go visit her and support her. She’s been very kind to me and invited me over several times. Read today’s post here. Consider following her sites too. She has one for writing, and another for the pending birth of her child. She’s an interesting person and reads tea leaves on occasion too.

I fiddled around with some other projects for most of the morning; sending a couple of chapters to my cover artist, and getting my critique submission sent off. Then I read through my current work in progress.

I made a few changes, and managed to add a few hundred new words. I have to explain the situation to my heroine, and am trying to weave all this in without making it a huge info dump. It has to get in there, but I’m trying to minimize it. She has to know what she’s up against. I also gave her and one supporting character a tiny bit more personality.

Not a real productive day, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Old What’s Her Face* is taking me to Old Chicago tonight to finish up another beer tour. I get a football sweatshirt for this one.

I hope your day was more productive, but I needed this one.

* Not my wife’s actual name.


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5 responses to “A lazy day off

  1. Thanks for the mention Craig, and thank you for the post. I’ve had one of those round in a circle days today too. Maybe it’s the moon 😉


  2. What a great guest post! 😀 I can’t believe 5:30 is sleeping in for you! I’m usually just getting to bed then! (BTW, I got your email today…AS I’ve said, been real busy. I’ll be reading and responding in the next couple of weeks.) 😀


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