Okay, so it isn’t Friday

I usually skip Thursdays, and post all through the weekend. I’m about to have company this weekend and may not be available for the next several days. I’ve been working on my manuscript, The Playground, and decided to post about it today.

I’m still working on edits for The Cock of the South, and that will come this afternoon. Those aren’t nearly as interesting as first draft material, and I don’t need to post about them. They fall less under creativity and more under work.

I got up at 5:00 AM again today. Keep in mind that it’s sleeping in for an hour under my normal work schedule…

I trudged upstairs into the writing cabin and grabbed coffee. Lisa* read yesterday’s work and had on a perfect little black dress with matching pumps, just like my heroine. She also had on a Confederate grey greatcoat and kepi style cap.

“That’s the spirit,” I said. “Are you ready to go to work?”

“Yes, sir.” She saluted. “This outfit is quite the mixture. Maybe you should have me verify whether it works or not.”

I headed down the hall to my office, and fired up my iPad. “It doesn’t need to. Gina needed a coat and that’s all that was available. It should be plenty warm.”

“Wool preserves the heat quite well. She should be very comfortable. It should also create a very comfortable environment for the parasites you inflicted upon her.”

“Well, we authors are supposed to torture our characters.”

“Tell me about it. You killed people I love in my story.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever. I need you to find that old crown glass in the basement. Bring me the pane where the blower’s pipe attached. It’s magical and I want to test it out today.”

“Cool, I like it when we play with magic.” She tore off downstairs and I went to work.

I managed to kill a couple more people. One was a gang banger and it happened on camera. The other was a little kid, and it happened off camera.

I added in a dog licking his butt, the angel of death, and gave her a henchman who’s based loosely around the shrunken head in my tiki bar and the rum bottle I brought back from vacation. It’s starting to look like a story.

Lisa returned with the small window pane. “When can we play with this?”

“Right now.” I walked down the hall to the paranormal office and used the skeleton key to unlock it. I threw the heavy Frankenstein light switch and the bone chandelier sprang to life. The enchanted window showed a scene of a scarecrow walking through a wheat field with a scythe. I opened it up and looked outside.

The air was crisp and cold. I pulled on my lab coat while Lisa looked outside. “Nothing out there, right?” I asked.

“There are some deer headed back into the trees, but nothing weird.”

I held the bulls eye shaped glass to my eye and scanned the meadow again. An apparition appeared off to our left. It was blurry and seemed to wander with no purpose. “Yeah, got one just past the end of the runway.”

“Can I see?”

I handed her the window pane and stepped back.

“I can’t see it, are you sure?”

“Um, yeah. I’m sure. They can’t be photographed, and your eyes are really cameras. Sorry.”

“Sometimes your imagination really sucks. I want to play too.”

“I let you play all the time. Remember when I suffocated you with the foil roaster a few weeks ago?”

“Yeah, that was fun. I still want to see the ghost though.”

I looked once more and said, “It looks like an old draftsman. He’s been replaced by high tech.” It didn’t really, but I told her a story where tech came out on top. I write fiction, I’m allowed to make something up.

I took up my iPad and wrote the rest from my paranormal office. My battery died at 19,669 words. That’s 5036 for the day. I may be writing this in the main office for the science fiction part, and the paranormal office for the rest. Still, I managed to relate the evil to my heroine’s cancer, and a dog licking his butt is always fun.

* Lisa is the main character from my first published story, Wild Concept. She’s a robot and lives at the writing cabin these days.




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12 responses to “Okay, so it isn’t Friday

  1. 5000 words in one day?!! That’s darn good going!!!


  2. Yippie Skippie! I’m glad it’s moving right along. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, I’ve never had a 5,000+ word day. I think my best is maybe 3500. Good on you!


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