Okay, Doobster. I’m your Huckleberry

Doobster wrote a short story the other day that was a setup for a silly joke. I was one of several “groan” commenters. Today he’s really dishing it out and challenging us to either finish the story another way, or move it forward. I usually don’t play along, but since I’m one of the ones he’s jabbing, how could I refuse.

Here’s the link to the original story. You may get a chuckle out of his joke. Here’s the link to his challenge. I hope I included all the proper links. I’ll add Doobster’s line in italics, then my own in standard font:

“What do you mean that something was wrong? What was wrong? What did you need to warn me about?”

He opened his trench coat and revealed a badge. “Please, you’ll appreciate the sunshine for this.”

I followed the stranger outside, but stood in front of the window where everyone could see. I hoped Jake, or someone else could at least serve as a witness at my trial.

“Look around you. What don’t you see?”

I looked frantically. This guy had me scared. “I don’t know, everything’s fine.”

“Where’s your shadow?”

I looked again, but it wasn’t there. It was no reason to panic. “It’s the middle of the day, so what?”

“I have a shadow, and you should too. You’ve been marked. The aliens return in seven days and you really don’t want to go with them. We can help you, but you need to come to our facility.” He reached in his coat and handed me a card.

The card said, “Immigration and Naturalization Services, Special Agent Thomas Mulroney.”

“INS, really?”

“Yes, sir. Illegal aliens are abducting our people. We’ll keep you in total darkness. They can’t take you if they can’t detect your missing shadow.”

“How long are you going to keep me in the dark? I have rights you know.”

“Just until after the national election. All we have to do is keep you in the dark until the vote is in, then you can go about your business.”


Another one of Doobster’s fans can take it from here.




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3 responses to “Okay, Doobster. I’m your Huckleberry

  1. Okay. Missing shadows, INS, illegal aliens abducting people. I think Special Agent Thomas Mulroney is an agent for the GOP. He knows Jon, the character he was looking for is a registered Democrat and the GOP is pulling out all the stops to ensure that the Senate goes to the Republicans. Okay, perhaps now I’m getting carried away.

    Thanks for participating. And your first link, the one that says, “original story” takes me to a “page not found” page. You might want to fix that.


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