You call this a Blog?

I’m completely slacking off today. I tried to catch up with everyone’s blogs, but I’m sure I missed someone. I’ll try to catch up completely in the next day or two.

I set the recorder for the Dr. Who premier and watched it. I had a hard time hearing it all. It was like the dramatic music drowned out the dialog at some points. There’s probably a writing lesson in there somewhere about not letting the setting overwhelm the story, but I’m too lazy to be brilliant right now. Watching a dinosaur cough up the Tardis was pretty cool.

I printed out all the critique stuff I need to read, but haven’t worked on them yet. We meet Thursday, so I need to get on with it.

Tonight I really should edit another chapter of The Cock of the South. I have an artist working up some cover sketches and I’m watching for the Paypal invoice. Things are looking promising so far.

It looks like being gone wounded my stats. Nobody unfollowed, and I actually gained one. Instead of forty views per day I was at around ten. It makes sense, I didn’t post most of the weekend. Next weekend will be more of the same, but I might squeeze one post in.

Now I’m drinking an Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout. I also downloaded Dead Man’s Party and am rocking out to Oingo Boingo. (I promise not to dance for you.) Maybe I’m feeling the approach of Halloween.

Perhaps my Muse is telling me to take a night off. I’m off to a Dead Man’s Party with my big beer.


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16 responses to “You call this a Blog?


    Strangely when I don’t post, I get more views. I think they are trying to tell me don’t post so much!
    Have fun with your beer!


  2. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one having trouble hearing the dialogue. The music was most definitely too loud on the Dr. Who premier. Wish there was a little more action with the Dino too… Oh, well, still a great episode.


  3. Ali Isaac

    I’ve noticed that too Craig. On the days I don’t post, my stats drop right down. It seems our followers really do like fresh daily content. I wasn’t keen to post daily at first… didn’t want to get on anyone’s nerves. Then I kept reading everywhere that daily bloggers get the most views and followers so I thought I’d experiment and guess what? It’s actually true! My stats are much improved! Besides which, I really enjoy blogging. We have to take a break now and again, but isnt it a killer when those stats drop? After all your hard work building them up in the first place… Have you tried scheduling?


  4. I always mean to check out how the WP stats work, but I never quite get there. I never lose interest in my favourite bloggers though, and even when they don’t post every day or even every week it doesn’t bother me at all. Some of the guys who post ten or twenty times a day are a bit impossible to follow properly, so less is more for me sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Youngest teen son has roped me into watching Doctor Who. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea at first, but the show has grown on me. I saw last season and then the first episode of this season. I thought the first half was iffy, but then it picked up. I think the new doctor will be great.


    • I have my fingers crossed for him. It may be time to take a darker and more dramatic turn on the show. I started watching in the 1970s when PBS used to air it. We lost it for a few years, but I picked it right back up with BBC America. It remains one of my favorite shows because they rebuild it every few years.


  6. The dinosaur and Peter Capaldi were the best parts of the premiere–I wasn’t super hooked with the plot, but I’m hoping upcoming episodes will have a little more to them. I’m glad the Doctor’s back to a grumpy old man, though, I think it will shake things up nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. My theory about the music being too loud is that when surround sound became popular, they started filming everything so that it plays that loud for people without the extra speakers that they could turn down (like me). Don’t sweat over your stats. A lot of people don’t blog over the weekend, so even if you would have, they might not get to you until Monday. ๐Ÿ™‚

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